Students in Classrooms - Secondary

Schools have found that students bring enthusiasm, energy and subject expertise to the classroom and give valuable support to teachers. Some found their participation in the scheme helped improve links with further and higher education institutions, and help contribute to raising aspiration and attainment of their pupils.

Learning Advocates

Learning Advocates support classroom learning:

  • Supporting teachers within the class, or assisting with small group learning or offering 1:1 support following the guidance of teachers
  • Supporting a subject teacher / department in a secondary school based on their current area of study or further qualifications.
  • Inspiring, supporting and motivating pupils to learn


Local schools / Academies or colleges


Placements are January – May for 10 weeks. Students will be in school for a full day or two half days per week.

How to book

Please email Charlotte Convey for further details.

Teacher, Windmill L.E.A.D Academy

Our Learning Advocate has been an excellent role model for our boys - who have highly engaged with him throughout the weeks

Achievement Coaches

Achievement Coaches will work with English GCSE pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds on a  1:1 basis and in small groups to support their attainment.

  • In 1:1 sessions Achievement Coaches will provide support tailored to the needs of the individual pupil, through subject-specific coaching and guidance.
  • In small group sessions, pupils with interact with peers and their Achievement Coach. They will engage in activities that will equip them with the skills they need to deal with challenges they face in achieving their GCSE English.


Local schools or Academies


Placements are January – May for 10 weeks

How to book

Please email Danielle Sample for further details.

Teacher, Ellis Guilford School

Students felt special in the fact that they were being given one to one support and also working in small groups. The Coach was approachable and learners felt comfortable working with them

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