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Architecture, heritage and digital reconstruction consultancy

Our world-leading expertise and pioneering projects focus on the human aspects of architecture and urban heritage in contemporary cities.

Architecture and heritage consultancy

The consultancy we provide to businesses, governments and organisations is about cutting-edge innovation and technology and the creative analysis of historic buildings and heritage sites.

It takes us around the UK as well as Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and North and South America.

The consultancy we offer covers:

  • architectural design
  • heritage preservation, digitisation and development
  • institutions of memory: museums, galleries and visitor engagement
  • digital preservation of artefacts
  • smart and virtual heritage technologies
  • landscape, urbanism and settlement development
  • sustainable urban planning
  • human experience, rituals and social history.

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To find out how our academic and technical teams can help solve a problem, support a project or transform your business, please contact Stephen Whalley, Head of Commercial Services at