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Protecting employers and employees against cybercrime

Dr Lee Hadlington has extensive experience of exploring the role ‘human factors’ play in an individuals’ capacity to protect an organisation from cybercrime. He has presented widely on this topic, and has consistently suggested that employees within any organisation should be seen as the ‘missing link’ between good cybersecurity and protecting the organisation from external threats.

The service is tailored for individual business needs, but predominately the offering aims to provide a current snapshot of risk posed by employees at the current time; this work is then followed up by exploring potential strategies that can be adopted to help enhance employee knowledge in discussions with the employer.

The package includes an initial consultation with the organisation to explore any key concerns or areas they may wish to focus on (e.g. password protection, email security). From this stage, we will engage in survey-based data collection to explore the current knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of employees in relation to cybersecurity using specialist tools.

Results will be analysed to provide the organisation with a detailed understanding of how their employees are approaching cybersecurity, and where there may be clear gaps. As an add on part of the support, we can also offer the capacity to provide short CPD courses to employees to enhance their current cybersecurity skill set outside of static, ineffective online courses and training sessions.

How to access this consultancy support

For more information on the support available, how it could work for you, and to discuss your ideas, contact: