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Writing for Public Engagement

Verity Aiken is a senior lecturer in education at Nottingham Trent University and has a special interest and research portfolio in writing and understanding the intricate social processes of writing. Verity has written professional pieces in an array of formats ranging from book chapters, research papers, blogs and online magazines, and draws from over twenty years experience of working and studying in academia.

Verity is available to provide guidance to help you create and develop writing projects designed to engage specific audiences or to suit specific genres.  The sorts of writing projects that could benefit from Verity’s input might include developing short pieces for newsletters, bulletins, blogposts, magazine articles and the like.

An initial telephone consultation to find out who the writing is representing, what you want it to achieve, who your audience will be and what genre of writing you are hoping to produce. As part of the consultation, a summary document will be produced outlining the project and your requirements.

A follow-up session that focuses on the writing project at hand, that is mainly geared towards finetuning content in ways suited to a particular purpose, genre or audience.

A final session that reviews the writing and includes final advice on pitch, tone, wording and grammar.

The consultation fee does not include securing an outlet for writing projects, although this may be discussed as part of the process.

The consultation builds on existing writing and does not include a writing service.

How to access this consultancy support

For more information on the support available, how it could work for you, and to discuss your ideas, contact: