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Zoo Animal Consultancy

At NTU, we can provide consultancy to zoos on a range of subject areas to solve issues related to pre or post zoo inspections, zoo animal behaviour or welfare issues, animal training and educational provision.

Our academic specialist Dr Samantha Ward sits on the Zoo Expert Committee (ZEC) as the animal welfare specialist. ZEC provides the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) with independent, authoritative and technical advice on zoo matters to shape UK policy. She is a well-established zoo-based researcher using up to date scientific methods to investigate zoo animal behaviour, training and welfare.

Your organisation can benefit from Dr Ward’s expertise and experience in terms of:

  • Zoo animal welfare – exhibition/environment design, assessment, animal-based measures, evidence-based practice.
  • Zoo education provision - setting up zoo education programs including education strategies, provision of education material, text for signage.
  • Zoo animal behaviour – assessing and dealing with behavioural issues, environmental enrichment provision, evaluation & assessment.
  • Zoo animal training - provision of training plans, advice and support to ensure animal teams work towards a positive training environment for animals.
  • Zoo legislation (UK and EU) – such as adherence to standards and legislative requirements, zoo inspection compliance.

How to access this consultancy support

To find out how our academic and technical teams can help your business, please contact Michelle Collard, Commercial Services Manager at