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Hiring the Health and Allied Professions Centre

These purpose-built Health & Allied Professions (HAP) Centres, located at Clifton Campus and Mansfield, are home to our world-class teaching, practice, research and scholarship within the Institute of Health and Allied Professions (IHAP).

Located on NTU’s Clifton Campus just four miles south of Nottingham City Centre, this 34,000 square foot building is available to hire by outside organisations such as the NHS, healthcare providers, or any business that wants to make use of our state-of-the-art, specialist space, equipment and expertise.

What's here

The ground floor of the centre is dedicated to clinical skills teaching facilities which incorporate the latest technology to create simulated practice scenarios for students within the University setting.

Mock hospital wards

Equipped with hospital beds, industry equipment and lifelike patient mannequins which can be remotely controlled using a hand-held device to simulate a range of patient symptoms, illnesses and scenarios you may experience in a real hospital.

Counselling and consultation rooms

We have dedicated spaces where our students can learn in a variety of scenarios, from allied health and neonatal care to mental health.

Apartment space

Complete with a living room, kitchen area, bedroom and nursery, our apartment recreates a patient’s home and living space, providing the opportunity to explore how care might be delivered in this setting.

Virtual reality wall

Our VR suite allows users to design 360 degree immersive simulations and role play scenarios. This facility allows you to bring situations to life through sight, sound (and perhaps smells!), which can be made even more immersive through use of mannequins and props. Our VR suite also offers ‘Unity’ scenes which offer a game-based format, allowing you to explore environments and interact with related objects. The suite supports additional functionality such as livestreaming, annotating, recording, and casting display.

The mock hospital ward facilities at NTU were professional, clean and extremely realistic, making it the perfect backdrop for filming our ‘Don’t Get Wrecked’ Christmas driving campaign.

Hollie Auburn, Corporate Communications, Derbyshire Police.

Centre for Health and Allied Professions (Mansfield)

In addition to the HAP Centre at the Clifton Campus, our Mansfield Hub located 14 miles north of Nottingham City Centre is home to the Centre for Health and Allied Professions.

Offering many of the same facilities as the HAP Centre such as wards, consultation rooms, it’s own VR suite and general purpose rooms, this facility can also be hired if the location is more convenient or you don’t need as much space as our Clifton site offers.

  • Exterior of the Centre for Health and Allied Professions at Mansfield
    Centre for Health and Allied Professions - Mansfield
  • Nurse on a ward at the Centre for Health and Allied Professions
    Centre for Health and Allied Professions - A nurse using the ward facilities
  • Storeroom at the Centre for Health and Allied Professions
    Centre for Health and Allied Professions - Storeroom
  • Shot into a ward at the Centre for Health and Allied Professions
    Centre for Health and Allied Professions - Ward

Who can hire and how?

Our facilities at the Clifton Campus and Mansfield Hub are available to hire by:

  • NHS teams, departments or trusts
  • Healthcare providers
  • Business and commercial customers
  • Charities
  • Creative sector, e.g., for filming opportunities

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the nature of your organisation and exactly what you want to get out of hiring our facilities and equipment.

By getting in touch to give us more information, we’ll be able to provide you with a quote.

How can I get in touch?

To make an enquiry, please contact, Commercial Manager for the School of Social Sciences.