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Adapting spectrum

The following list demonstrates how adaptation can be viewed in a broader way and how different organisations utilise it for leisure, education and sports.

  1. Mainstream National Governing Boards modifications - minimum change; another form of the game; adult or junior five-a-side soccer etc
  2. Mainstream NGBs special developmental versions - short tennis; kwik cricket; pop lacrosse; tag rugby.
  3. Mainstream school/club activities adapted for inclusion - to parallel mainstream outcomes, but often just for activity inclusion, i.e. zoning and area.
  4. Specific special needs adapting for competition - specific Paralympic or YST SportSability type games/sports for selected individuals/groups of participants with similar abilities via classification criteria.
  5. High support needs as with the YST ‘Element’ kit which addresses a group of youngsters with very challenging movement needs - i.e. by often relying on specific and varied stimuli of sound touch, light, sound to elicit and support movement activities.

    However the ultimate professional level - which could apply to all the above contexts - is:

  6. Adapting for teaching and learning - where the focus is really on achieving the set outcomes.

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