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About the Programme

Discover the advantages of the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP), the job roles available, and the opportunities that await you.

Work experience tailored to you

We offer a wide range of NTU-exclusive graduate vacancies for a 13-month programme starting in summer. Each role is designed to help you discover your potential, identify your strengths and develop new skills, so that you can leave fully prepared for the career path you choose.

You can apply for a variety of roles within our departments, including:

  • Business, Law and Social Sciences (BLSS)
  • Employability
  • Finance
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Digital Technologies (DT)
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Directorate
  • NTU Sport
  • and many more.

Develop and grow as a professional

Our graduates are supported by a dedicated team providing industry-level development opportunities throughout the programme. During the 13 months, you will take part in a variety of workshops and away days to help build your professional skills.

Among a rich range of workshops and events, you’ll have the chance to:

  • deepen your knowledge and transferable skills through monthly workshops and formal training
  • take part in a challenge working on a live project that's sponsored by senior staff and will help directly shape the University’s future
  • be supported by a line manager, offering guidance and constructive feedback all throughout your experience
  • join an exclusive NTU mentorship programme to motivate and inspire you
  • grow your network through Team Away Days where you can build relationships with like-minded graduates and experienced professionals.

Read our graduate stories to learn more about how these development opportunities have helped our graduates on the programme.

Exclusive to NTU graduates

You’ve experienced being a student here - now it’s time to learn how it works behind the scenes.

On this competitively paid programme, you’ll be working in one of our many professional services to help us deliver an excellent student experience and work towards creating the University of the Future. You'll also gain the key skills and experience necessary to make that vital transition from university life to graduate employment.

Life after university

In the video below, four GDP graduates discuss the experience of applying for graduate jobs during final year, life after graduating, the challenges that come with interviews and assessment centres, and their time on the programme.


Graduate Development Programme Podcast – Life After University

Graduate community support

We take a collaborative approach in designing our workshops, combining our expert knowledge of talent development with the developmental needs of the graduates. We work to instil a sense of community within our graduate programme, creating an ever-growing support network of like-minded young professionals.

Read about how this community has aided previous graduates in their work.


Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please email the team at

Are the roles in an office or work from home? If I am in the office, is there a dress code? 

Generally, NTU has a hybrid model of work so your time would be split between the office and at home. The days that you come in and how often this happens will be decided locally in your team. If you are in office, the dress code at NTU is smart casual.

Are roles based on specific campuses or do we move around? 

The campus you work from will depend on which department you are in. Most of the roles are based in the City Centre. NTU Sport roles will be based at Clifton Campus.

Is there any flexibility in the hours we work? 

Flexibility of the hours you work will be decided locally within your team. You can have this conversation with your line manager when you start in role.

Is there an age limit of who can apply? 

Absolutely not, as long as you graduated from your undergraduate degree in the past 2 years. We have graduates on the programme this year who were mature students whilst at university. We screen based on your talent, not on your age or background.

Do I need a driving licence? 

You do not need a driving licence to apply to the Graduate Development Programme.

When I complete my 13 months, is it likely to lead to a permanent role at NTU? 

You are not guaranteed a permanent position at NTU following the programme. However, if you wish to stay at the organisation, you will be supported to find roles within NTU. If the right role for you doesn't come up within NTU or you wish to seek new opportunities, you will also be supported in finding a role elsewhere.

Can I apply to more than one role? 

You can apply to as many roles as you like. We do recommend that you tailor your supporting statement to each role.

I finish my MSc in August; can I still apply? 

Absolutely! The programme starts on 30 August so most masters students will be finished by the time the programme starts. If you haven't finished your MSc by the time we start, this is okay too. The entry requirements only specify you need a 2:1 in an undergraduate degree from NTU.

Can I do a masters whilst on the Graduate Development Programme? 

All roles are full time, Monday-Friday, 9-5 so we wouldn't recommend studying at the same time. It would be difficult to attend lectures, which usually fall within the working day. If you would like to study during the programme, you would have to speak to the hiring manager about this.

How many people are on the programme and how many applicants do you get? 

There are currently 20 people on 2021-22 programme, and we have 30 roles available for 2022-23.  Last year we had over 400 applicants complete over 700 applications. However, don't be put off applying. We recruit for a range of qualities, not just experience.

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