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Kieran Duffy - Project Coordinator (Estates)

Kieran was part of the Graduate Development Programme (GDP) in 2018/19. His time here has given him a base from which he has been able to launch his future career.

Kieran Duffy
After working here, being challenged, and realising I can rise to the challenge, I now feel ready for anything.

When I came to an open day here and had a look around the city, I knew straight away that Nottingham was the place for me. I knew I needed to get a job that meant I could stay here. During final year I chose to focus on my studies and exams instead of applying for grad jobs. I only started looking towards the end of the academic year, during a lull in my final revision push. After applying for a handful of jobs I thankfully stumbled across the NTU Graduate Development Programme. I was excited because it meant I could stay in Nottingham, which is what I wanted. I worked in NTU’s Estates department, getting involved in campus development projects, data analysis relating to space utilisation, as well as helping improve the University’s sustainable development by exploring water consumption and how this could be reduced.

I still can’t quite believe how much work goes on behind the scenes here. When you’re a student you just go to lectures and seminars in some fancy buildings and think about how many deadlines you have and when the next night out is – you don’t even consider how much work actually goes on. I was staggered to find out that NTU has over 4,000 members of staff, all working to deliver the student experience that we are fortunate to have here.

I left university with no real experience in how to work in an office or how to act in a professional environment. But being part of NTU’s Graduate Development Programme really eased me into that with an extensive induction process, a large support network of other graduates, and a really nice and helpful group of people to work with.

My confidence has gone through the roof since working here – confidence both in meeting new people and building relationships with a wide array of people, and confidence in my own abilities and knowledge. I feel like a lot of graduates feel anxious and nervous when starting their first job, purely because they don’t know what to expect and don’t know if they’ll be good enough or be able to deal with it. This is going to sound cringey, but after working here, being challenged, and realising I can rise to the challenge, I now feel ready for anything.

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