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Matthew Langlands – Postgraduate Recruitment Marketing Assistant

Matt was part of the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP) as part of the 2017/18 cohort and is reaping the rewards of his time here. He worked to make the most of the programme, developed in his role, and managed to secure a permanent position within the Marketing team at NTU.

Matt Langlands

Matt Langlands

"I'd wholeheartedly recommend the programme to anybody looking to learn more about themselves and the way they work."

Like the stereotypical student, I wasn't entirely sure of the career path I saw for myself. I studied Broadcast Journalism as an undergraduate student, then went on to complete a Masters in Digital Marketing the year after graduating. I was drawn to the creative side of these courses, and I enjoyed both the story-telling and strategy of them, respectively. Whilst studying my Masters I applied for an internship at the University to work as the Postgraduate Recruitment Marketing Assistant in the University's Central Marketing department and I was lucky enough to start it as my postgraduate degree came to an end. I was invited to take part on the six-month pilot for the GDP and jumped at the chance to get involved in something outside of my typical work.

One of the most valuable things I learned from the Programme was the importance of reflecting on my behaviours. Before the Programme I tended to finish a task and then move straight onto another without taking the time to evaluate what went well and what didn't. I think that's pretty typical behaviour for most people. From the workshops we took part in on the Programme, I learned a lot about my working behaviour, and with the skills I gained from this I can now take a step back, reflect, and improve how I behave in future tasks.

Integrating the Programme into my work came easily at NTU. Education and development is at the heart of the University and my colleagues were more than supportive in helping me to develop. They provided me with chances to make the most of what I was learning and were always there to offer constructive feedback. Working in Higher Education is definitely an advantage for anyone looking for self-development. There's a multitude of learning opportunities which all tied in with the GDP in a way that I think you’d struggle to find working anywhere else.

My graduate role was all that I could have hoped for and more. I gained experience across all areas of marketing, from copywriting to events, and email marketing to report analysis. My experiences on the Programme led to me being able to move up into another role in my department as maternity cover for the CRM / Email Marketing Executive where I was able to specialise for a year, before achieving the role that I'm in now – Content Executive in the Digital Content team.

I'd wholeheartedly recommend the programme to anybody looking to learn more about themselves and the way they work. I still draw upon the lessons I learned whilst on the Programme now, and I know I'll continue to for the rest of my career. It's been unbelievably beneficial and I wouldn't be lucky enough to be in the job that I'm in now without it.