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Nevsky Brian Been - Project Coordinator (Estates)

Nevsky Brian Been

"The GDP program at NTU has given me a wealth of experience, that I can take with me wherever I go."

My journey at NTU started through my fascination with buildings and I completed my undergrad in Architectural Technology as it was one of the best rated universities for the course. With an aim to diversify my knowledge within the financial side of the construction industry, I completed my post grad in project management a year later.

I found myself applying for a position within the estates team and now I am working on real live projects that benefit the day-to-day operations of staff and students. Along with many other changes faced in 2020, starting a new role in a time where remote working had become the norm was challenging to say the least. Throughout the GDP, workshops on mental health and working from home were also a great addition and helped with settling into remote working. The university has really adapted to the shift in working conditions, ensuring new starters were well looked after and given the opportunity to grow within a challenging time.

I am actively working with the business operations team and capital development team on the expansion of a new Project Management System that will benefit not only the estates staff but engineers, project managers and maintenance personal throughout their duties. Having the opportunity to be apart of such a large project has given me the benefit of working with senior management and key stakeholders which is very rewarding in itself.

Working at NTU has been a great experience and I have been fortunate enough to have been offered the chance to continue working with the university at the end of my graduate placement.  My manager and working teams are always eager to help. They provide great support and tailored opportunities that have allowed me to grow into the role.  I would recommend the program to anyone that is looking at progressing their career and growing professionally as the workshops provided on the GDP really prepare you for the work environment while adding to your continuing professional development.