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Rebecca Bell — Market Insight Manager

Rebecca is one of the many success stories in the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP). She worked to make the most out of the Programme, developed within her role and secured a permanent position in our Market Research and Insight team.

Rebecca Bell

Rebecca Bell

"I’ve done things I never thought I’d be capable of. To be given that sense of trust and ownership at such an early point in my career was inspiring, and it really helped my confidence."

It’s not necessarily the case that every graduate knows what they want to do after university. I studied Psychology here because I loved the subject, but I was very open about where it could take me.

I worked in the Market Research team when I participated in the Graduate Development Programme, working on various different quantitative and qualitative projects with students and all different departments around the University. You are trusted to take ownership on projects at such an early point in your role, it’s inspiring and really helps your confidence. Having worked at NTU for nearly five years now, it’s clear how beneficial the programme was to me. I often look back at the skills I learned in the workshops. Integrating these tips and advice into my job is so helpful, and I’ve continued to use them throughout my career.

Since participating in the Graduate Development Programme, I have progressed in the Portfolio and Insight Team and am now working as a Market Insight Manager. My department, Strategic Planning & Change, have been so supportive and encouraging since I started working at NTU. They have given me so many opportunities to keep challenging myself. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to progress to where I am now.

I’d encourage any NTU student to apply for a graduate position. You might think you’re not moving on from university, but trust me, it’s a different world. It’s interesting to see how a university works once you’ve studied here. As a student, you assume it’s just you and the lecturers, but there’s an army of people behind the scenes. You find out how much the staff here actually care about the students – they genuinely want everyone who comes here to have the best years of their life and they do everything they can to make sure that happens.