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Graduate Internship Scheme

The annual Graduate Internship Scheme offers businesses from any sector in the UK, the opportunity to take on NTU talent for a fully funded 8-week internship.

We are now registering interest in the 2024 edition of the Graduate Internship Scheme.  Find out more below.

Short and long term benefits

The Graduate Internship Scheme is a cost-effective solution for short-term additional resource; however it also offers a foundation to build a sustainable talent pipeline. Many previous participants have used the scheme to explore how a graduate role can be embedded into their business, before extending the internship into a permanent role with the help of the NTU Employability team.

Internships can be hosted in-house or remotely, depending on the needs of your business, and the team will be on-hand throughout the process to support your experience by:

  • managing applications, shortlisting, interviewing and assessing all graduates,
  • matching graduates as closely as possible by using the information provided in your vacancy submission form,
  • directly paying salaries to the graduates, so your business does not need to worry about the implications of the internship remuneration.

Success stories

Bringing ideas to life

After running a successful business for over a decade, Karen Gee decided it was time to start something new.

Initially, the idea of Rugby Hackers seemed unattainable - a lack of time or resources available for a dedicated project. That's where the NTU Graduate Internship Scheme stepped in, and seven passionate graduates teamed up with Karen to make her idea a reality.

"Stories make the world a better place"

In 2022, nine graduates supported Rehannah Mian at Magical Storybook to produce illustrations for her suite of downloadable read-along books.

During this time, Rehannah's platform reached over two million subscribers.

"I really appreciate having NTU's graduate's working with me. They move my business on a lot, and it's fabulous to get such talent and positive energy in my office space."

Rehannah took part in the Graduate Internship Scheme once again this year, and shared her experiences with our team.

"It's a win-win"

Internal NTU departments also use the Graduate Internship Scheme to explore how graduate roles can support their team's growth. This is especially important in areas that are evolving and can leverage the innovative ideas and new perspectives of early career's talent.

For Helen Puntha, Head of NTU Green Academy, the mutual benefits of the experience were clear:

"The scheme is excellent. I feel it's a win-win: the graduate gained experience, we gained valuable skills and a fresh perspective and could get some work completed which we could not have otherwise resourced."

A pipeline for graduate employment

David Radley found that the new ideas and practical Quantity Surveyor skills that his interns brought to the company were a key benefit of taking part in the Graduate Internship Scheme. So much so, one of the graduates has continued in employment at Structural Investment Services beyond the internship period.

Contact the team

If you’re interested in taking part in future editions of the Graduate Internship Scheme, or alternative ways to connect with NTU student and graduate talent, please get in touch with the team via