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How it works

The firm offers free or low-cost legal advice and assistance on a range of services. We aim to provide high-quality legal advice and information while offering practical experience for Nottingham Law School students.

Getting in touch

  1. Contact us by telephone, email or web enquiry with details of your problem.
  2. We may contact you for further information to determine whether we can assist.
  3. If we can help, we will either provide you with a face-to-face, telephone or online appointment. Please note, as a teaching law firm, our student volunteers will be present at appointments and, where appropriate, may conduct the appointment.
  4. Following your appointment you will either receive a letter of advice or advice by telephone, usually within two weeks of your appointment.
  5. In some circumstances, we can offer assistance beyond initial advice, for example negotiating on your behalf or providing representation at court or tribunal.

If you already have a case in either the employment or social security tribunal and require representation, please confirm the date of your hearing using the contact details on the right.

All information is provided in the strictest confidence.

Still need help?

NLS Legal
+44 (0)115 848 4262