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Puppy Training

  • Level(s) of Study: Professional / Short course
  • Course Fee:


  • Start Date(s): Tuesday 9 April 2024
  • Duration: Eight weeks, one hour per week
  • Study Mode(s): Short course
  • Campus: Brackenhurst Campus
  • Entry Requirements:
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Acquiring a new puppy can be an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting prospect for new owners.

This short course will support you in educating your new puppy and will equip your puppy with the right skills to fit well into society. This course is designed for puppies who are under one year old.

You will learn the skills and behaviours that will be useful when handling and managing your dog during their development into adults. It will also teach you about the right expectations to have of your puppies and how to achieve the correct behaviours and responses from your beloved four legged friend.

This short course is based on evidence-based research on dog behaviour and cognitive development.

What you’ll study:

The course will be divided into eight weeks and each week will cover some core skills that the puppies are expected to learn in class.

  • This is the only theory session in the course. This will cover background knowledge on dog body language and communication, course format, expectations, etiquette and general principles in dog training

  • Teaches you the expectations and tools to facilitate emotional regulation in dogs
  • How to help the fearful puppy

  • Introduces you and your puppy to the principles and techniques associated with good handling and examination
  • Teaches puppies a leave command and to walk away from desirable things
  • Teaches you the importance of frustration tolerance in dogs

  • Teaches puppies how to settle in the absence and presence of distractions
  • Teaches you some key principles in dog training (e.g. importance of visual cues)

  • Teaches puppies to follow visual and audio cues and perform a behaviour(s) in order to elicit an outcome
  • Teaches owners about the importance of consistency in dog training

  • Teaches puppies to deal with distractions
  • Teaches owners about the importance of motivation in dog training

  • Teaches owners about expectations on dog behaviour and how to read and react to different body language in dogs

  • Discuss expectations and overall guidance on taking the lessons learned into the future months
  • Discuss and allow for the right environment for social play and demonstrate appropriate versus inappropriate play between puppies

How you’re taught

This short course will be taught in-person at our Brackenhurst Campus. It will include a mix of tutor demonstrations and practical exercises

There will be no more than seven puppies per class, to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for your puppy to train in.

We have several courses running throughout the year.

What you'll gain

If you attend more than 80% of the course, your puppy will be awarded with a Certificate of Attendance.

Meet your tutor: Alex Bordin

Alex Bordin is our in-house behavioural academic expert, who has a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Science and an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Alex is dedicated to understanding the motivation and emotion involved in behaviour problems. He offers up-to-date training allowing dogs and owners to safeguard the bond of pet ownership.

Alexandre Bordin | Nottingham Trent University

Campus and facilities

You will be based at our Brackenhurst Campus in Southwell.

Entry requirements

This course is designed for puppies under a year old. Dogs who are turning one year old on the start date of the course will be accepted. We also request that any puppies attending our classes are up to date with all their vaccinations. You will be required to bring evidence of your puppy’s vaccinations to the first class for our short course tutor to view on arrival.

Getting in touch

If you need more help or information, get in touch through our enquiry form

Fees and funding

The fee for this course is £130. Payment is due at the time of booking.

How to apply