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Philosophy at NTU

Learn to think more critically about the world around us, tackling the philosophical problems faced by today’s decision-makers.

In our thriving community, you’ll have support from a dedicated team of tutors and supervisors, who’ll help you to hone and develop your philosophy. Apply your theoretical skills through company projects, volunteering and placements with our partner organisations. Our philosophy graduates find employment in teaching, accounting / finance, social work, the civil service, law, media, journalism, personnel, project management and the voluntary sector.

And if you want to specialise you can create your own learning pathway. Explore original, advanced philosophical research from a postgraduate perspective and ideal gateway to MPhil or PhD-level research.

It’s not too late to apply. Undergraduate course places are still available for September 2021. See courses below for availability.

2021 Entry Courses

2021 Entry Courses