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Project: Societal well-being in fragile and conflict-affected settings: Development of a new global Index

Collaborators: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), University College London (UCL)


Mass displacement, armed conflict, and effects of the pandemic are disproportionately felt in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Long-term peace and security are inextricably tied to the health and well-being of a population. However, there is limited evidence on the longer-term health and societal impacts among those who have survived conflict & gender-based violence or other societal shocks.

Our research addresses an urgent need to bring together transdisciplinary methods (public health, developmental economics, climate change, gender, statistics, social science) to innovate how we conceptualise and measure health and inequality and their contributions to peace and security.

We aim to develop a new global index focused on key factors needed for peace, security, and health in conflict-affected and other fragile settings, using a gender lens.

Our research addresses an evidence gap by: (1) developing a new global index to assess key factors needed for peace, security, and health in conflict-affected and other fragile settings; and (2) developing innovative approaches to measurement that account for missing data, challenging settings, sensitive topics, and hard to reach populations.

The new global Index will be a tool that stakeholders can use to identify key priorities, needed reforms and challenges that work towards achieving local and international priorities which improve societal well-being.

Methodological approaches

  • Rapid literature review and mapping
  • Online focus group discussions and in-depth interviews
  • Quantitative text mining
  • Concept mapping
  • Online surveys
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Data visualisation

Team members

  • Prof Mazeda Hossain. Principal Investigator. Professor of Global Health and Director of the Eastern Africa Centre. NTU.
  • Dr Giulia Ferrari. Co-Investigator. Centre for Women, Peace & Security, LSE.
  • Dr Ligia Kiss. Co-Investigator. Institute for Global Health, UCL.
  • Prof Loraine Bacchus. Co-Investigator. Global Health & Development, LSHTM.
  • Ms Leah Kenny. Centre for Women, Peace & Security, Research Officer. LSE.
  • Ms Eva Klaus. Centre for Women, Peace & Security,Research Assistant. LSE.
  • Mr Ben Allen. Research Assistant. Dept of Psychology, NTU.
  • Mr Jonathan Conway. The Eastern Africa Centre, NTU.