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NTU Africa and Middle East Network

Our network brings together NTU staff and postgraduate/PhD students who are currently involved or interested in working in the Africa and the Middle East regions. You'll find more information on this page, and contact details for getting in touch.

AMEN NTU Africa-Middle East Network

About the network

The network offers a platform for staff and students to:

  • share information;
  • establish cross-discipline research groups;
  • assist in making connections and to offer advice and guidance to colleagues wishing to branch out into a new region.

The primary focus of the network is to support, facilitate and enhance research, however we encourage all staff with an interest in Africa and/or the Middle East to join us.

As a member you'll receive regular news bulletins with updates, alerts about funding calls, project news and information about our events. If you have any information you wish to share with our members, or news about an event of your own, please do contact us so that we can let everyone know about it.

AMEN Africa-Middle East Network Launch Event

Benefits to students

As a student member of the NTU Africa-Middle East Network, you'll:

  • learn about the many interesting and diverse research projects at NTU taking place in the region;
  • widen your network of contacts;
  • find out about funding calls and placement opportunities;
  • learn how to write a funding bid;
  • hear about events/lectures/incoming visits taking place;
  • receive information on other networks you can join.
Tee Dymond
Tee Dymond
Africa-Middle East Network Host

How to get involved

We'd love to hear from you!

To join us, or to send us information about an event you'd like to promote, or just to share information with our members, please email us at

NTU staff members in the Africa-Middle East Network Steering Group are as follows:

Still need help?

Africa and Middle East team
+ 44 (0) 115 848 8182