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What to do when you receive an offer

Congratulations on your offer. Follow our step by step advice on what to do next to confirm your place at NTU. You’re now also eligible to apply for one of our scholarships, you'll find details on this page.

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Understanding your offer

Your offer to study with us will be either 'conditional' or 'unconditional' – check this information first.

Conditional offer

As an international student, you are most likely to get a 'conditional' offer.

This means that you must meet some requirements, or criteria, before you can be officially accepted on to the course. An example of this would be demonstrating that you have achieved the required grades in your qualifications.

Unconditional offer

This offer means we are satisfied that you've already met the requirements, or criteria, and that we can secure your place on the course.

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One of the really great things about getting an offer is now you can apply for one of our international scholarships.

You'll find more about these on our scholarships section.

Go for it!

How to guarantee your place on the course - step by step

We encourage you to accept your offer right away.

Remember, accepting your conditional offer only means that you’ve reserved a place on the course. It does not mean your place is guaranteed – you'll need to meet the conditions of the offer, make your payments and upload documents before we can confirm your place.

Ready? Here's what to do.

And just email us if you need any help with anything!

How to accept your offer

  • If you've applied directly to us you can view and accept your offer on the applicant portal
  • If you've applied to us through UCAS you can view your offer on UCAS Track. Once you've received decisions from all the universities you've applied for, you should reply to these offers by selecting a firm (first) and insurance (second) choice. You’ll then need to decline any other offers you’ve received.

Remember: accepting your conditional offer means you’ve reserved a place on the course. It does not mean it's guaranteed – you’ll still need to meet all the conditions of your offer.

Meeting the conditions of your offer

The most common examples of conditions (requirements) for international students are:

  • English language;
  • providing qualifications and other documents;
  • making an advanced payment.

What to do

  • Upload any documents that can support your application as soon as you have them. These include qualification transcripts and certificates from your school or university which show your grades, including your English language certificate (e.g. IELTS) if English is one of your conditions.
  • Take action to meet your conditions as soon as you can. This is especially important if you’re applying for a visa because you’ll need a CAS number from us before you can make a visa application. We can’t produce a CAS number until you’ve met your conditions and uploaded your supporting documents.
  • Check your email regularly for our messages (the email address you used in your application).

How to do it

Making your advanced payment

Usually the final requirement is to make your advanced payment to the University and to upload a copy of your passport.

You can make your advanced payment through Western Union or through our online store.

You can upload a copy of your passport on the applicant portal using the 'my documents' screen.

When we receive your advanced payment and all your supporting documents we'll make your offer unconditional, which confirms your place on the course.

Preparing for your visa application

If you’re applying for a visa you’ll need to plan carefully, it can take a lot longer than you expect!

For a Student visa (Tier 4) for example, one of the things you’ll need to do is show that you have enough money, and you’ll need to save this money in a bank account for at least 28 days before you apply.

Getting started

Get expert advice on your visa application

Teresa, one of our students, introduces you to our international student support team.

I've changed my mind and want to apply for a different course, is that possible?

Yes. You’ll need to make a new application. Log into the portal – you can make as many applications as you would like with no charge. Once you have a new offer you can choose which one to accept or decline.

Can I defer my application?

If you've applied directly, yes. You can request to defer your application for one academic year (only) by emailing our Admissions Team. If you're delayed longer than this you'll need to apply again.

Is there a deadline to meet my conditions?

No, there’s no official deadline. However, we strongly recommend you do this as soon as you can. When you've met all your conditions your place at NTU will be confirmed and we can issue your CAS.

There’s a mistake on my CAS, what should I do?

Still need help?

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