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Household Information

DICE building

Depending on your living situation, some rental properties may include the cost of your household bills into the monthly rent, but this will depend on the landlord or letting agents that manage the property. In the UK, each property has a council tax banding, which the people living in that property are liable to pay. The price of council tax will vary depending on the value of the house.


Your utilities include your gas, electric, water and broadband, which can all be sorted prior to moving into the property though the use of comparison websites such as uSwitch, Money Supermarket, and Compare the Market. These sites give the best quotes for different providers. Alternatively, you can obtain a quote directly.

It is recommended that you take pictures of your gas, electric and water meters as soon as you move in, and take monthly readings, otherwise you may be charged for estimated usage which can be higher than your actual usage.

When obtaining quotes for your broadband, you can also take out package deals which combine telephone calls, internet and tv, but be aware that these can often come with a long contract — so it’s worth doing some research or asking colleagues before you commit.

Home furnishings

There are many stores in the UK that provide home furnishings and can usually deliver large items for an extra cost. Most stores also have an online shopping service, so you can browse the full range of items and order online.

Here is a list of shops that sell household items and their closest location to Nottingham City Centre.


Giltbrook Retail Park: Ikea Way, Giltbrook, Nottingham NG16 2RP


City Centre: 20 Lower Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 3DA


Radford Boulevard Castle Retail Park: Unit 1A-1B NG7 5QJ

The Range

Lady Bay Retail Park: Unit 7 to 9, Meadow Ln, Nottingham NG2 3GZ


Portal Retail and Business Park: Queens Dr, Nottingham NG2 1AL


City Centre: 37-41 Lower Parliament St, Nottingham NG1 3DB

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