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Something for everyone

Nottingham’s biggest strength is its versatility; it’s a friendly, fun-packed place that ticks every box. Whether you’re a history buff, a sports fanatic or an introvert seeking a quieter student experience – our city has something for everyone.

Nottingham for… introverts

A big part of university life is putting yourself out there, meeting new people and making new connections, but we know it can be exhausting and overwhelming. If you’re not keen on crowded pubs and club nights and are looking for something quieter – don’t worry, we’ve got you. Nottingham is a great place to have fun on your own, with plenty of peaceful spots and opportunities to practise self-care.

Student reading a book in a store in front of a shelves of books

The Dice Cup

Board games, card games and vegan-friendly food – what’s not to like? This board game cafe embraces the inclusive, community atmosphere you’ll find across Nottingham. Located just up the road from the Victoria Centre and with over 900 games to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. It’s a great option for those seeking a quiet space to interact with others, or just enjoy cake whilst studying

Bromley House Library

A hidden library with three floors, a coffee room and a walled garden tucked away in the middle of city centre. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Founded in 1816, Bromley House Library is an independent subscription library that sits right next to Market Square in the heart of Nottingham city centre. With nearly 50,000 books to choose from, it’s the perfect way to relax whilst still being close to the action

Nottingham for… historians

Nottingham is great for those who enjoy exploring cultural and heritage hot spots. From ancient caves to the forests roamed by the legendary Robin Hood. You’ll find a variety of historic sites and art galleries to explore across the city.


Newstead Abbey

Over 800 years of history surrounded by 300 acres of parkland. Newstead Abbey was built in the 12th century as a monastic house before becoming the ancestral home of Lord Byron, a 19th-century poet. The historic house is home to collections of furniture and art spanning centuries. Go beyond the house and you’ll find a spectacular range of lakes and themed gardens that make for a great afternoon walk. With so much to explore, you’re bound to see something new each time you visit.

Nottingham for… non-drinkers

Nobody should feel left out because they don't drink. That's why we're proud to be in a city that offers a number of options for those who don't drink or are just looking for a dry night out.

Student playing a racing game in an arcade

Cafe Sobar

Vibrant, welcoming and alcohol-free, Cafe Sobar is an alternative social space for anyone looking for a sober experience. Located just off of Old Market Square, the cafe is run by Double Impact, a local drug and alcohol recovery charity. They host a range of events including live music and comedy performances, art exhibitions and more.


Fancy yourself an arcade master? Funstation is packed with fun activities and games to play with your friends such as bowling, arcade racers and carnival machines – hit the arcade and see what prizes you can win!

Don't just take our word for it – explore Nottingham and our stunning campuses at one of our open days. One short walk around Nottingham and you'll fall in love.

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Nottingham for… adventurers

University is a good excuse to try new things and be bold. If you’re feeling brave, Nottingham has some of the best thrill-seeking experiences and sports communities you’ll find across the country.

Two people standing in front of the NTSU climbing wall

Flo Skatepark

Nottingham is home to a thriving skateboarding community with over a dozen skate parks - including Flo Skatepark, one of the UK’s largest indoor skate parks which is a 15-minute ride away from the City Centre . It’s open to skaters of all levels and abilities, with regular sessions for beginners, over 30’s and women and girls’ only nights – it’s a park with an open and friendly vibe.


Fancy putting your problem solving and teamwork skills to the test? Escapalogic houses eight escape rooms that will push you to the limit as you crack codes, reveal hidden doors and work together to escape It’s a thrilling and immersive experience, just 10 minutes away from our City Campus.

Nottingham for… everyone

At NTU, you'll be in a city that supports and welcomes people of any sexual orientation, race, identity and religion. Nottingham has a range of events and support available, making it a safe space where anyone can get involved.

Faith ambassadors in front of a Church

Nottinghamshire Pride

The city's annual pride celebration brings the streets of Nottingham to life with a parade full of live music, speeches and performances. The parade and festival celebrate inclusivity and acceptance across Nottingham.

NTU Faith

Nottingham is home to a diverse range of religions and places of worship. At NTU, our Faith and Chaplaincy team and societies are committed to supporting the faith, spirituality and wellbeing of all students and staff across the university. The NTSU also has many culture and faith societies to get involved in too.