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Amirab Case Study

Founded by Roda Abdi, Amirab’s aim is to provide high-quality, modern and fashionable modest wear that allows Muslim women to express both their identity and individuality through clothing, without compromise.


Roda had the idea for Amirab when she noticed a gap in the hijab market which didn't cater for luxury hijabs for professional Muslim women. Furthermore, there was a lack of options for a stylish product in both colour and design.

The business story

Amirab is positioned to create modest but modern clothing, priding itself on maximum quality and delivering impeccable service across all channels. Driven by innovation and change, the brand strength lies in balancing new and exciting ideas with the basic promise of quality, comfortability and confidence, which is expressed in every design.

“We want every woman who wears our clothes to feel empowered, unrestricted, and confident. We believe when you dress the part, you feel good, radiating confidence.”


Since starting up Amirab has gone from strength to strength; gaining attention from local and international news outlets, amassing a large social media following in the process. Amirab also has a boutique store which trades internationally, located in Nairobi, Kenya.


“Your ability to handle more responsibility and decision making will inevitably make or break your business. You have to fully commit and if you don't commit enough then it won't happen and your business will fail.”

“Initially it can be very difficult to break down barriers to entry in the market, such as contacting suppliers and finding customers, plus finding brand ambassadors to promote the product. It's challenging, time-consuming and sometimes difficult but I'm doing my best!”

Long term goals

“My long term goals are to build a sustainable business and to expand globally, serving customers through our website first and then being based in multiple countries. Ultimately I just want to provide high quality, modern and fashionable hijabs to empower women.”

The Hive’s role

“One of my modules “vision creativity” had a business plan activity which was run by Phil, one of the mentors in The Hive. That’s when I first heard about the hive and what they can offer! I decided to go to The Hive for support as I could benefit from their services, especially a mentor. All the access that I have with the University is a real perk as well as the hot desk area and an address for business postage.”

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

“Unless you can get 1 million pounds from your parents as a loan it's going to be difficult! You have to be brave, consistent and committed… not an easy job! The hive was very helpful and I still have access to help whenever I need it. What I found particularly helpful was having a mentor, they helped me with gaining experience in the market sector and the business side of things whilst answering any troubling questions I had, pointing me in the right direction.”

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