Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement Research Centre



Our Sports Science research is multi-disciplinary and is clustered under a number of themes:

  • musculoskeletal physiology
  • sports performance
  • exercise and health
  • sport in society

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with individuals, teams, organisations and communities both here and abroad as well as with our colleagues throughout Nottingham Trent University and the wider academic community. We value working in partnership because together we improve our performance more quickly, learn from and inspire each other and provide the most meaningful benefits in the most appropriate ways. Our network grows continually.

Research informed reality-based training, consultancy and support

Our commitment to research reflects many of our other values, underpins our own development and enables us to improve the quality and value of our training, consultancy and support. It is because of our extensive practical experience that we know how to translate the results of our research effectively and efficiently into your world to meet your needs.

Our excellence

In the recent REF 2014 assessment of University research quality Sport Sciences Research was submitted into UoA C26 and was highly rated, having 94% of the outputs rated at the 3* (internationally excellent) and 2* (internationally recognised) grades.

Still need help?

Professor Craig Sale
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