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Integrated Energy Grids Laboratory (GRIDLAB)

Unit(s) of assessment: General Engineering

School: School of Science and Technology


GRIDLAB works with the focus on the whole system approach to energy and work on a broader research portfolio with the aim of clean energy systems integration into the power systems, by considering flexibility and uncertainty as key elements.

We work together to empower the Earth by reducing the carbon emissions from the energy sector to make a sustainable future for all.

We are part of the global efforts for creating a cleaner air for all.

The focus of the lab will be on the following areas:

  • Integrated Energy Grids
  • Energy Networks
  • Power Systems and Grids Resilience
  • Smart Grids, Microgrids and Nanogrids
  • Distributed Energy Systems
  • Department of Engineering
    Engineering Building - Department of Engineering
  • Department of Engineering
    Engineering Building - Department of Engineering 2

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