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Health Law and Ethics Group

Unit(s) of assessment: Law

Research theme: Health and Wellbeing

School: Nottingham Law School


Nottingham Law School has a longstanding reputation for teaching and research in the field of health law and ethics. In terms of teaching it runs a popular undergraduate medical law module and has run a successful LLM in Health Law and Ethics since 2001. The School’s Health Law and Ethics Research Group has a long and successful track record of publication, conference hosting, running and participating in research projects and supervising research degrees.

The Group is led by Dr Austen Garwood-Gowers whose main areas of interest are medical use of the human body (especially organ transplantation but also medical research and bio-banking) and health related dignity and rights issues. The group also includes Kay Wheat whose main areas of interest include capacity, treatment of the mentally incapable and mental health issues (including issues related to the employment context); and John Tingle who specialises in the legal aspects of risk management, clinical governance and patient safety and is also expert in nursing law.


As a group we collaborate closely with health law academics from across universities in the Midlands on health law and ethics issues via the Midlands Health Law and Ethics Consortium, which we are one of the founder members of. The Consortium is currently running an AHRC funded seminar series entitled The Influence of Faith and Belief on the Formulation, Content and Operation of Health Law in the United Kingdom. In April 2013, NTU ran the third seminar in the series, which focused on core issues including healthcare access, healthcare quality and consent and capacity. Remaining seminars will be run at the University of Birmingham (September 2013) and De Montfort University, Leicester in December 2013). For more information email Austen Garwood-Gowers.

Austen Garwood-Gowers leads the medical use of the human body group for the European Association of Health Law with Solvita Olsena. He has close links with Dale Gardiner, Midlands Clinical Lead for Organ Donation, and a considerable number of other professionals in the organ transplant field. In April 2012 Austen, Dale and others ran a conference entitled Dignity in Donation. The Conference was run at NTU's excellent Nottingham Conference Centre with the support of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and NHS Blood and Transplant. It attracted speakers from across Europe who presented papers on themes related to:

  • the nature, ethical case for and legal protection of dignity
  • living donation
  • commodification
  • the definition of death and intervention prior to and after death.

The conference was attended by around 70 delegates and was very well received.

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Austen Garwood-Gowers


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Kay Wheat

Book Chapter

The law relating to mental capacity and mental health in The Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry (forthcoming)

Key Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Mental Health and Stigma – How best to protect workers from discrimination? (forthcoming)Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues Volume 34

John Tingle


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