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Working Paper Series 'Meeting New Challenges in Education'

School: School of Social Sciences


The Nottingham Institute of Education publishes working papers by academics and Doctoral candidates within and beyond Nottingham Trent University on the themes of new challenges that emerge and impact the interdisciplinary field of education and require solutions. We will also consider high-quality papers co-authored by academics with Master’s and Undergraduate students.

Aims and scope 

The MNCE working papers aim to serve as a platform to value ideas regarding problems and solutions in contemporary education globally, to inspire their future development on a larger scale in education research, scholarship and practice, and ultimately, to connect policy, research and practice in the area of education. The MNCE working papers target a diverse reading audience that includes academics, students of all levels, policy-makers, school teachers and leaders, representatives of the organisations that implement education projects, and other interested parties.

Types of contributions  

  • Research working papers – this type of contribution is based on empirical research
  • Scholarship-inspired working papers – this type of contribution is based on a review and critique of literature (scholarship)
  • Practice-inspired working papers – this type of contribution discusses relevant professional practice and learning in light of related research and policy


We invite submissions to our second issue of this working paper series.

Deadline: 1 February 2024

Please refer to the writing guidelines and the information on the submission process

Writing guidelines

Please use the template file for the formatting of the text of your working paper

A typical working paper of any of the three types is expected to be up to 2,500 words long excluding the list of references. In addition, please include a 150-200 abstract and a list of 3-5 key words

Use Arial size 10, single spaced, pt 8 space between paragraphs

Use the Harvard referencing style for references

A reasonable number of diagrams, graphs and other visual is permitted. They should be included in the same file as the text (provided they are either your own work or you have received permission from third parties to reuse these visuals (in case of requiring permission, please submit the confirmations of permission together with the working paper))

Follow BERA Research Ethics Guidelines for research working papers and similar relevant ethical procedures in other types of working paper (e.g., obtaining consent from a school the name of which you mention and discuss)

Submission process 

Submit your proposed contribution as a MS Word file (following the template file for formatting) to

If you have any questions please contact Dr Iryna Kushnir at

Review process 

Each submission will be reviewed by two reviewers. Decisions (accepted, minor revisions, major revisions, rejected) will be communicated in due time to the authors. The working papers will be published once an issue is collated, aiming for at least one issue per year.