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NTU Foresight

Research theme: Sustainable Futures

School: School of Social Sciences


NTU Foresight's first topic will be to explore the Future of Cities. This first project will engage a diverse group of stakeholders in 2023 to support NTU and its partners to explore how to understand, interact and develop the places we live and work in. Full details of this project and outputs from this first project will be shared in 2023. Email for further information.

Setting the Context

As a leading university in the UK NTU is always looking to ensure it remains as the leading edge and to shape thinking about the future of universities. Understanding how changing social, economic, political issues will shape the sector in the future is critical for our sustainable future.

Addressing the Challenge

The project will explore a set of key themes relevant to NTU and the places we operate in helping to inform and support our decision makers to take a long-term view on future trends. Using foresight and future scenario building methods, this project will support NTU to remain agile to meet the future complex demands it faces.

Our Foresight and horizon scanning tools will help our strategic leaders to act in a flexible and informed way for the benefit of the university and the places we operate in. The project will review the available literature before using a set of delphi style studies, expert panels and policy back casting techniques to inform a set of reports on each area of focus. These techniques will allow us to support NTU to create a series of future options that will inform strategic thinking.

Making a Difference

In the first phase of this work NTU Foresight is focused on place.

As NTU expands its footprint, with campuses in the City Centre, Creative Quarter, Clifton, Mansfield, Southwell and in due course London, and as Nottingham creates new civic and economic spaces in the city (such as the Broadmarsh), understanding how NTU can best develop and utilise these spaces becomes central to inform decision making and planning.

This project will use foresight methods to build probable future scenarios to consider the physical, virtual and hybrid use of emerging spaces in world cities to learn and work within ensuring we help to enrich society and be a leader in civically engaged action to make a difference.


The NTU team is led by Professor Rowena Hill and Rich Pickford with support from a team of researchers and professional service staff across NTU.