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We are currently unable to fulfil orders for physical copies of Trent Editions books. Kindles and free eBooks are available for some texts. See below for more details.

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Trent Editions aims to recover and publish landmark texts in handsome and affordable modern editions

…the excellent in-house imprint of Nottingham Trent University.

Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

The publishing arm of Nottingham Trent University, Trent Editions was founded in 1998. For the past 20 years we have sought to enrich the literary landscape by making innovative, radical and culturally significant works accessible to new audiences in handsome print editions.

We recover texts from neglected writers, including the first novel by an African-American woman, Harriett Wilson’s Our Nig. We have worked with poetry and prose works by working-class writers like John Clare, Ethel Carnie Holdsworth. In addition, postcolonial texts by authors such as Alex La Guma and Cornelia Sorabji - all presented with critical introductions by leading scholars in the field.

Our specialist interests include, but are in no way restricted to:

  • Radical fiction and poetry
  • World literature and postcolonial writing
  • American fiction
  • Women's fiction and non-fiction
  • Modernism and interwar writing
  • Local and regional writing
  • Texts that are significant to the history and development of working-class, radical and popular print culture
  • Other important printed texts that have existed on the cultural margins

We accept book proposals all year round. If you would like to submit a proposal please fill out this form and email your completed proposal to

Our Titles

Latest Releases

  • Poems: A Joking Word (2020) by Laura Riding (eds. Jack Blackmore and Mark Jacobs)
  • Writing the Contemporary (2019) Poetry and Postcards from UNESCO Cities of Literature (eds. Daniel Cordle and Joanne Dixon)

We have several existing and emerging specialist interests:

Laura (Riding) Jackson’s life and works

Series Editor: Mark Jacobs

  • Poems: A Joking Word (2020) by Laura Riding (eds. Jack Blackmore and Mark Jacobs)
  • The Close Chaplet (2018) by Laura Riding (ed. Mark Jacobs)
  • Poet: A Lying Word (2017) by Laura Riding (ed. Jack Blackmore)
  • The Person I Am (Volume One) (2011) by Laura (Riding) Jackson (eds. John Nolan and Carroll Ann Friedmann)
  • The Person I Am (Volume Two) (2011) by Laura (Riding) Jackson (eds. John Nolan and Carroll Ann Friedmann)
  • The Person I Am (Volume One and Two) (2011) by Laura (Riding) Jackson

American Recoveries: Key texts from the cultural memory of North America

  • Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (2000) by Stephen Crane (ed. Christopher Gair)
  • Hawthorne (1999) by Henry James (ed. Kate Fullbrook)
  • Our Nig (1998) by Harriet E. Wilson (ed. R. J. Ellis)

Radical Fictions: Recovering radical novels and innovative fiction, with an emphasis on writers of the British Isles

  • This Slavery (2011) by Ethel Carnie Holdsworth (ed. Nicola Wilson)
  • Harris's Requiem (2006) by Stanley Middleton (ed. David Belbin)
  • Clash (2004) by Ellen Wilkinson (ed. Ian Haywood and Maroula Joannou)
  • In The Second Year (2004) by Storm Jameson (ed. Sam Smith)
  • The Croquet Player (1998) by H.G Wells (ed. John Hammond)

Poetry Recoveries: Reconnecting poets to their own time and ours

  • Beaumaris Bay and Other Poems (2016) by Richard Llywd (ed. Elizabeth Edwards)
  • Selected Poems: Robert Bloomfield (2007) by Robert Bloomfield, revised and enlarged edition (eds. John Goodridge and John Lucas)
  • Poems of Nancy Cunard (2005) by Nancy Cunard (ed. John Lucas)
  • Selected Poems (2003) by Frank Thompson (eds. Dorothy and Kate Thompson)
  • Selected Poetry (2003) by Charles Churchill (ed. Adam Rounce)
  • Selected Poems (2000) by Randall Swingler (ed. Andy Croft)
  • Selected Poetry and Prose (2000) by John Dyer (ed. John Goodridge)
  • Poems (1998) by William Barnes (ed. Valerie Shepherd)
  • The Living Year 1841 (1999) by John Clare (ed. Tim Chilcott)

Postcolonial Writings: Radical voices of the colonial past, speaking to the colonial present

  • A Walk in the Night (2006) by Alex La Guma (ed. Nahem Yousaf)
  • Selections from ‘Bengaliana’ (2005) by Shoshee Chunder Dutt (ed. Alex Tickell)
  • India Calling (2004) by Cornelia Sorabji (eds. Elleke Boehmer and Naella Grew)
  • Selected Writings of a Pioneer West African Feminist (2004) by Mabel Dove (eds. Stephanie Newell and Audrey Gadsekpo)

Radical Recoveries: Key texts in the history and development of working-class, radical and popular print culture

  • Political Writings of William Fox (2011) by William Fox (eds. John Barrell and Timothy Whelan)
  • Romantic Era Shipwreck Narratives (2007) by Carl Thompson
  • A Chronicle of Small Beer (2005) by Nan Green (ed. R.J. Ellis)
  • A Passion for Justice (2003) by Joe Kenyon (ed. David Donnison)
  • Tales for the Common People (2002) by Hannah More (ed. Clare Macdonald Shaw)
  • Exhibition Extraordinary!! Radical Broadsheets of the Mid-1790s (2001) by John Barrell
  • The Collected George Garrett (1999) by George Garrett (ed. Michael Murphy)

Trent Essays: Writers on the Craft of Writing

  • A John Clare Flora (2016) by M. M. Mahood
  • The Myth of the last Taboo (2016) by Gregory Woods
  • A Writer’s Daybook (2006) by Ronald Blythe
  • Starting to Explain: Essays on Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry (2003) by John Lucas
  • Saving From the Wreck (2001) by Peter Porter
  • Beats, Bohemians and Intellectuals (2000) by Jim Burns (ed. John Freeman)
  • Talking About John Clare (1999) by Ronald Blythe

Early Modern Writing: Recovering radical manuscript and printed texts from the cultural margins

  • Scripture Women (2005) by Rose Thurgood and Cicely Johnson (ed. Naomi Baker)
  • The ‘Centuries’ of Julia Palmer (2001) by Julia Palmer (eds. Victoria Burke and Elizabeth Clarke)

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