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Research Themes

We work closely with our partners, researchers and funders to reimagine research across five key themes that aim to respond to a wide range of global challenges.

Our experts collaborate across disciplines to uncover solutions to real-world problems and answer the questions that really matter.

Sustainable Futures

We’re bringing together the brightest minds to explore and influence low carbon technologies, sustainable consumption, green mobility and government policy to improve the future of our planet.

Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

Our researchers are undertaking important work to improve the criminal justice system, implement policy to make our society a safer place and tackle global security challenges head on.

Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials

Combining innovative design and technical expertise, we specialise in inventing and testing new materials and technologies. Our research is discovering cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to shape and influence the future of healthcare.

Global Heritage: Science, Management and Development

We’re leading the way in heritage research. Our work focuses on connecting science and technology with a diverse range of areas including archaeology, art history, literature, social sciences and art and design to prepare heritage sites for the challenges ahead.

Health and Wellbeing

With experts spanning four interlinked research hubs, we’re combining knowledge across disciplines to explore healthy development, ageing and pathologies - as well as making a real-world impact on health in the wider context of communities and society.