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Luke Siena


School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Dr Luke Siena is a Lecturer in Product Design, a Creative Short Course and Summer School Tutor within the School of Architecture Design & The Built Environment. Luke's primary responsibilities including teaching across both BA/BSc and MA/MSc Product Design courses in addition to to supporting research projects and research students supervision alongside academics and members of the Medical Engineering Design Research Group.

Career overview

Dr Siena undertook his first degree at Nottingham Trent University in BSc (Hons) Computer Aided Product Design (2008-2012); this was then proceeded by MSc Smart Design (2012-2013) and a PGDip Professional Research Practice (2013-2016). Dr Siena most recently in 2019 completed his PhD focused on implementing smart materials and technologies for medical emergency airway access devices. During his time at NTU to date, Luke has completed numerous roles involving both research and teaching responsibilities.

From 2018 to 2019, Dr Siena was employed a Research Fellow based in Medical Product Design as a member of Medical Engineering Design Research Group. Since late 2019 Dr Siena has commenced the role of Lecturer in Product Design with teaching responsibilities across both BA/BSc and MA/MSc Product Design focused courses and is responsible for the supervision of a number of BSc and MSc students which includes a number of ‘live’ medical technology based student major projects who work alongside a number of healthcare professionals.

Research areas

Dr Siena's research interests include medical device design and engineering, 3D printing, emerging technologies and materials, and the accurate assessment and measurement of health outcomes. Dr Siena's current focus is based on investigative research relating to the use of smart materials and technologies for medical applications, specifically emergency airway access devices.

External activity

Member Of Institution of Engineering Designers (MIED)

Member Of Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET)

Member Of Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (MIMMM)

Affiliate Fellow Of Chartered Society Of Designers  (aCSDf)

Journal Of Health Design - Editorial Panel Member

Reviewer for Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine Conferences

Reviewer for Rapid Prototyping Journal


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