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Dr Kerry Gough

Dr Kerry Gough

Head of Academic Development and Research

Centre for Academic Development and Quality Dept.


As Head of Academic Development and Research within the Centre for Academic Development and Quality (CADQ), Kerry is responsible for leading ongoing learning and teaching professional development and pedagogic innovation at NTU. This is motivated through the findings of research conducted by our Educational Research and Evaluation Team into the student experience and pedagogic best practice across NTU, and is delivered by our Educational Development team who work to support our Schools in the delivery of ambitious curricula in response to Success for All at NTU. In support of this, Kerry acts as Chair for the Learning and Teaching Managers’ Forum and, within CADQ, she also manages the Planning, Operations and Projects Team who support CADQ in the realisation of these aspirations.

Career overview

Kerry has a proven track record of effective educational leadership for innovation and change, as evidenced across a Higher Education career that spans two decades. Working in a variety of academic, professional services and management roles across a range of Midlands institutions (including University of Nottingham, University of Derby and Birmingham City University), her commitment to ensuring quality support for students is evident. Acting as subject-discipline lead for Birmingham City University as a part of the Advance HE What Works? Student retention and success change programme, working in partnership with her student and staff team, Kerry developed the Times Higher Education Award nominated student transition programme, Level Up.

Since joining NTU in 2016, Kerry has worked as a Learning and Teaching Consultant within Organisational Development, before taking up a role as Learning & Teaching Manager in the School of Art & Design in 2017. Kerry led on the development of The Collaboratory, the School pedagogic innovation hub, which won the Creative Learning Guild Higher Education Institution Achievement Award in 2019. In support of the Dean’s vision for a collaborative curriculum, she went on to lead the School engagement strategy for the implementation of enhanced collaboration and optional student learning opportunities across the School. Since joining CADQ in 2021, Kerry has led the Learning and Teaching Professional Development offer, and supported the launch of Student 2025, the longitudinal study designed to uncover NTU students’ academic and social experiences, and sense of belonging at NTU. Kerry is currently supporting the Executive Dean School of Arts and Humanities in the design and implementation plan for NTU Collaborate, an institution-wide collaboration opportunity. She co-chair for the TILT Multidisciplinary Practice and Scholarship Group and Chair of the Student 2025 Steering Board and Learning and Teaching Manager’s Forum.

Research areas

Kerry’s research interests are closely aligned to her pedagogic practice, with a particular focus upon student transition, engagement and creative education. She also holds AHRC-funded degrees in MA Film and Phd Film Reception from The University of Nottingham.

External activity

Kerry is an Executive Member of GLAD: Group for Learning in Art & Design where she advocates for the value of creative education practices. In this role Kerry acted as Conference Director for the 2021 Annual Conference and co-led the academic writing retreat programme that led to the publication of the GLAD Special Edition of the Journal of Innovative Practice in Higher Education (October 2021).



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