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John Rumbold


Nottingham Law School


Member of faculty, currently teaching criminology, land law,  and equity and trusts.

Career overview

Dr Rumbold completed his doctoral thesis on the sleepwalking defence and expert evidence in 2015. Before being appointed as a lecturer in law at NTU, he was employed in projects related to law and ethics of research. He is an expert in the sleepwalking defence and has provided expert evidence on this issue.

Research areas

Dr Rumbold is particularly interested in forensic sleep disorders and mental condition defences, but is also conducting research into other areas of law such as the role of consent in serious harms.

External activity

He has published a monograph on the defence of automatism (Routledge). He is currently writing  a monograph on the limits of legitimate medical practice.

Sponsors and collaborators

Press expertise

Forensic Sleep Disorders