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Ali Bowes

Ali Bowes

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

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Dr. Bowes is a Senior Lecturer in the Sociology of Sport, leading the first year module Sport, Culture and Society, whilst also contributing to the second year Sociology of Sport, the Body and Health module, and the third year Contemporary Issues in Sport module.  Dr. Bowes supervises research dissertations in the sociology of sport, primarily around women's sport, related to media coverage, social media, gender and sexuality, professionalisation and commercialisation.

Career overview

Dr. Bowes joined NTU during the academic year in January 2019.  In 2013, Dr. Bowes was awarded her PhD at in the Sociology of Sport from Loughborough University under the supervision of Prof. Alan Bairner.  She also holds a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and a PGCE in Secondary Physical Education from Loughborough University.

Prior to working at NTU, Dr. Bowes was the Programme Area Lead in the Higher Education Sport department at Loughborough College, as well as the Course Leader for their Sport Science and Sport Coaching blended degree provision, and a Lecturer in the Sociology of Sport and Physical Education from 2015/16.  She is a trained PE Teacher, at taught at schools in Nottingham and Leicester.  Dr. Bowes has also taught the Sociology of Sport at Loughborough University during her PhD, and has since returned as an invited guest lecturer in 2018.

Research areas

Dr. Bowes current research centres on sociological examinations of women’s sport:

  • Sociocultural examinations of professional/elite women’s sport
  • Media representations of women in sport
  • Professional women’s golf
  • Gender and sport
  • The intersections of gender and national identity in sport
  • Englishness and English nationalism in sport

Dr. Bowes is a member of the Sport and Society research group, part of the SHAPE research centre, researching in Sport and Exercise Science.

For any potential doctoral students interested in studying a PhD in the above areas, please visit the Research Degree page.

External activity


Dr. Bowes has written for The Conversation, and has had her work featured in the Irish Express.  She is currently on the production team for a documentary on women's golf, and is part of the Women's Sport Collective.

Journal Reviewing

Dr. Bowes is a Reviews Editor for The History, Culture and Sociology of Sports specialty section in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living.  She also provides expert opinion and reviews articles submitted to several internationally-recognised journals, including:

  • International Review for the Sociology of Sport
  • Sport in Society
  • Sport, Education and Society
  • Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health
  • Communication and Sport
  • International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

Membership of Professional Bodies

Dr. Bowes is an active member of the International Sociology of Sport Association, the Women's Sport Collective and the Football Collective.

Sponsors and collaborators

Dr. Bowes is currently involved in collaborative research with:

  • Prof. Alan Bairner (Loughborough University)
  • Dr. Niamh Kitching (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)
  • Dr. Alex Culvin (Durham University)
  • Dr. Stuart Whigham (Oxford Brookes University)


Journal Articles:

Bowes, A., Lomax, L. and Piasecki, J. (2020). The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on elite sportswomen.  Managing Sport and Leisure.

Bowes, A. and Kitching, N. (2020). ‘Wow these girls can play!’: Sex Integration in Professional Golf. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health. DOI: 10.1080/2159676X.2020.1729232

Bowes, A. and Kitching, N. (2019) ‘Here come the girls’: Examining Professional Golf Organisations’ Online Media Representations of Female Professional Golfers in a Mixed-Gender Event. Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication Ethics. 16(2/3), pp. 12-20.

Bowes, A. and Bairner, A. (2019) Three lions on her shirt: hot and banal nationalism for England’s sportswomen. Journal of Sport and Social Issues. 46 (6): 531-550. DOI: 10.1177/0193723519850878.

Bowes, A. and Kitching, N. (2019). ‘Battle of the sixes’: Investigating print media representations of female professional golfers competing in a men’s tour event. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. DOI: 10.1177/1012690219842544.

Bowes, A. and Bairner, A. (2018) England’s proxy warriors? Women, war and sport. International Review for the Sociology of Sport.53(4), pp. 393-410. DOI: 10.1177/1012690216669491

Book Chapters:

Kitching, N. and Bowes, A. (2020). ‘Top of the tree’: Examining the print news portrayal of the world’s best female amateur golfer during her transition to professional golf. In N. O’Boyle and M. Free, eds. Sport, the Media and Ireland: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Cork: Cork University Press. pp. 167-181.

Bowes, A. (2020) National identities and international sport: What about the women? In N. Villanueva, ed. Athlete as National Symbol: Critical Essays on Sports in the International Arena. Jefferson, North Carolina: Macfarland Publishers.

Bowes, A. (2017) England’s Lionesses: English women and sport. In D. Malcolm and T. Gibbons, eds. Sport and English National Identity in a Dis-United Kingdom. London: Routledge. pp. 110-125.


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Press expertise

Dr. Bowes can provide expert opinion on the following topics:

  • Women's golf
  • Women in sport
  • Professional women's sport
  • Media coverage of women's sport
  • Elite English women's sport
  • National identity in women's sport