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Ayse Ulgen

Senior Lecturer



Senior Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Mathematics, School of Science and Technology

Career overview

Biostatistics Ph.D. and Master of Global Management graduate. Several years of research and research management, consulting, academic, customer relations and marketing experience creating partnerships in clinical, biotechnology, biostatistics, genetic epidemiology and personalized medicine using statistical and big data analytical approaches with leading universities and biotech companies. Established and maintained peer to peer relationships with leading Key Opinion Leaders, physicians, scientists at major academic institutions and companies. Expertise includes developing and applying novel biostatistical and epidemiological methodologies to oncology, infectious diseases, epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders and asthma. Strong networking, communication and negotiation skills. Highly adaptable and resourceful with extensive cross-cultural international experience having worked in six different countries. Outstanding analytical and research skills, combined with advanced knowledge of statistics and big data. Project management skills, including supervision and peer review processes with subject matter experts. Outstanding leadership skills, with experience leading cross-cultural teams and projects, and collaborating across sectors and departments. Excellent communication and public speaking skills with 25+ published articles and 20+ professional presentations. Creative and artistic flair with a passion to add value to any organization.

Research areas

  • Medical Statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Genetic  Epidemiology
  • Computational  Statistics
  • Machine Learning

External activity

Current / Future Research collaborators:

  • Dr Wentian Li (Robert Boas Center  for Genomics and Human Genetics, Feinstein  Institute of Medical Research)
  • Dr Ioannis Vlachos  (Harvard University Medical School)
  • Dr Sirin Cetin (Amasya University)
  • Dr Janet Meiling  Roveda (University of Arizona)
  • Dr Steven Brown, Dr Daniel King (Nottingham Trent University)


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Publications Accepted for Publication:

  1. 25.  W Li, S Cetin, A Ulgen, M Cetin, H Sivgin, Y Yang. ‘Approximate Reciprocal Relationship Between Two Cause-Specific Hazard Ratios in COVID-19 Data with Mutually Exclusive Events.’, Int J of Biostatistics, Walter de Gruyter.(Accepted).