Eiman Kanjo

Eiman Kanjo

Associate Professor

School of Science & Technology

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Computing and Technology


Dr Kanjo is a Senior Lecturer with Module Leader responsibility for the following modules:

  • Mobile Interactive Systems (Postgraduate Level)
  • System Programming (Undergraduate Level)

She has previously taught Distributed Computing, System Analysis, Data Structure, Cloud Computing, Digital Electronics and Computer Graphics.

Dr Kanjo conducts research in Mobile Sensing, Environmental and Noise Monitoring, Emotion Mapping, Smart Cities, Brain-Mobile Interaction and Big Data analysis. Opportunities for collaboration and postgraduate study are available and further information can be found on the research and publications tabs.

Career overview

Prior to joining Nottingham Trent University, Dr Kanjo held the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems, College of Computer and Information Sciences at King Saud University, for two years delivering postgraduate courses and supervising a number of PhD and MSc students.

Dr Kanjo also worked as a Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

She also worked for more than three years as a Research Associate in Mobile Sensing at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, where she was a member of Cambridge eScience Centre(CeSC).

Dr Kanjo carried out research work at the MRL (Mixed Reality Lab), Computer Science, University of Nottingham, in the area of Pervasive Computing, location- based games and mobile development.

She has also worked as a researcher and developer in ICCAVE (the International Centre for Computer Games and Virtual Entertainment, University of Abertay Dundee, carrying out research work in the "Interactive Toys and Board Games project" which is sponsored by the Scottish Enterprise under the Proof of Concept Programme. View her publications and patents in this area.

Dr Kanjo gained her PhD from the Computer Science Department, University of Abertay Dundee, UK, in the area of Pervasive and Tangible interfaces based on Computer Vision in 2005.

She also worked as a research visitor at Evolaris, Graz, Austria, in Summer 2011.

Please visit Dr Kanjo's personal website.

Research areas

Dr Kanjo is a member of the following:

Dr Kanjo was first to coin the phrase 'Mobile Sensing' and wrote some of the earliest papers on the subject (GeoMobSens and Mobsens). She also built the first noise monitoring system using the phone-based microphone (NoiseSpy). Her current work on Mobile Affective Sensing and Urban City Mood complements her work on environmental monitoring in order to make sense of a place (NeuroPlace, UrbanCityMood and mFeel).

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Doctoral School.

External activity

Dr Kanjo is the general chair of the S-cube conference, 5th International Conference on Sensor Systems and Software, October 5–7, 2014 - Coventry, Great Britain

Dr Kanjo is a member of the following:


Emotions in context: examining pervasive affective sensing systems, applications, and analyses. Kanjo E and Chamberlain A, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2015

Understanding the design of mass participatory pervasive computing systems for environmental campaigns. Chamberlain A, Paxton M, Glover K, Flintham M, Price D, Greenhalgh C, Benford S, Tolmie P, Kanjo E, Gower A et al., Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal, 2013, 1617-4917

Shopmobia: an emotion based shop rating system. Alajmi N, Kanjo E, Mawass NE and Chamberlain A, Proceeding of AFFINE 2013 - Affective Interaction in Natural Environments (AFFINE), acii2013 , Geneva, Switzerland, IEEE, September, 2013

Sense of space: mapping physiological emotion response in urban space. Alhussain L and Kanjo E, SenCity at Ubicomp, Zurich, Switzerland, ACM, September 2013

NeuroPlace: making sense of a place. Kanjo E and Albarrak L, 4th International Conference on Augmented Human in Cooperation with ACM, Stuttgart Germany, ACM, March 2013

NoiseSPY: A real-time mobile phone platform for urban noise monitoring and mapping. Kanjo E, Mobile Networks and Applications Journal, 2010, 15 (4) 562 - 574

MobSens: making smart phones smarter. Kanjo E, Landshoff P, Roberts D and Bacon J, IEEE Pervasive Computing, 2009, 8 (4) 50-57

MobGeoSens: facilitating personal MobGeoSensor data collection and visualisation using mobile phones. Kanjo E, Benford S, Woolard A, Paxton M, Woodgate D and Fraser DS, Personal ubiquitous computing Journal, 2008, 12 (8) 599 - 607

Patent- WO2006027627, Object Tracking System, Jinchang R and Tieying L, Kanjo E, Astheimer P, 2006

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Press expertise

  • Mobile and sensing technologies
  • Technology for mental health
  • Environmental monitoring (pollution and noise levels using miniature sensors and phone microphone)
  • Smart cities and smart places
  • Pervasive retail technologies and customer behaviour
  • Tagging, near field communication, local tracking
  • Affective computing, emotion monitoring, mood mapping
  • Indoor monitoring and tagging
  • Monitoring physical activities
  • Mobile development
  • Wearable computing
  • Brain sensing