Funminiyi Olajide

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Staff Group(s)
Computing and Technology


Doctor Funminiyi Olajide is a Senior Lecturer and Course Manager for MSc Engineering Management at the Department of Computing and Technology, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. He is a Fellow, Higher Education Academy, (FHEA-UK) and a Fellow, of the British Computer Society, (FBCS-UK), since April, 2012.

Dr. Olajide is also the Module Leader for Information Systems Management (BSc), Information Security Management (MSc), Enterprise and Cloud Computing Systems (MSc), Global Business Management (MSc) and Group Design Project Management (MSc).

Dr. Olajide supervises research for final year undergraduate projects (FYUGPs), postgraduate research methods (PGRMs) and with current supervision of PhD research students, in specific ‘research projects-in-progress’. He has years of experience in different research projects, to assist students to plan their research studies, redefine research topic as in knowledge application to industry, and identify schemes with specific tasks to relevant literatures, framework design and/or re-design, to ensure and maintain quality standards in the research discipline.

Dr. Olajide has both technical and computing management  knowledge and skills in:

  • Digital|Computer Forensic and Mobile Forensics Investigation.
  • Incident Response and Event Reconstruction.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Assurance.
  • Cyber Security Management.
  • SOC-Security Operation Centre and Risk Classification.
  • Cloud Computing/Digital Transformation, Big Data Analytics and Management.
  • Enterprise and Customer Communication Management Systems.

Dr. Olajide is the Academic Lead and Representative, Department of Computing and Technology, School of Science and Technology, for International Teaching and Research Collaboration and External Engagement with other Universities across the globe.

Career overview

Dr. Funminiyi Olajide is a seasoned IT|IS|CS|T24 analyst with over 27 years of professional experience, of which more than half focuses on Universities research development, teaching|lecturing and training activities, with 12 years of experience in technical, practical and business-related-T24 TEMENOS Globus Banking Operations and Consultancy Management in various IT|IS-Banking Industries. He has a demonstrated history of  business technology and project management knowledge of IT|IS|CS|T24 and with Cyber Forensic Investigation Research in Human, Society and Technology.

Dr. Olajide has strong educational qualifications with a PhD Award (Doctor of Philosophy), in Computer Science-Digital Forensics and Incident Response, an industry-related research and with a unique contribution to the world of knowledge, from the University of Portsmouth, UK. In addition, he has two Postgraduate degrees, Masters of Science (MSc) in Forensic Information Technology from the University of Portsmouth, UK and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with Distinctions, from the Edge Hill University, UK.

Prior to joining NTU, Dr. Funminiyi Olajide was a Researcher in Digital Forensic | Incident Response, a Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth and ICP College (Navitas), Portsmouth, UK., just to mention a few.  He has worked in professional research projects of Enterprise-Digital Application Analysis, and Digital|SCADA Forensics and Cyber Security with UK-SoC|Airbus Defence Authority, and with understanding of PLC-HMI-SCADA-IoT-IIoT, of the unique research-focus of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), UK.

Dr. Olajide also has research and teaching collaborations with other universities. He has written and published in some high ranking impact factors of Journals and Conference papers at both local and at international level.

Research areas

Dr. Olajide's main research interests include Digital|Computer Forensics, Incident Response and Event Reconstruction, Digital Investigations, Information Security and Assurance, Cyber Security and Information Systems Management, IS Global Business Management, IS/IT Project Management, Enterprise and Cloud Computing Systems.

Key projects include:

  • Application analysis of user input information on Windows Computer Systems.
  • Criminological concepts of cybercrime in business organisations.
  • Security management of user input in enterprise business application, risks, control and mitigation.
  • Cyber-attack, detection and incident response in new emerging trends of business application and infrastructures.
  • Memory forensics, mobile forensics investigations and event reconstruction of user input on business applications.
  • Digital forensics investigation of large data sets in business applications, analysis and digital evidence presentation for security measures.
  • ISM policy formulation for data privacy and implementation of information security in related technologies, policies and practices in an organisation context.

In additions, the research work focus on developing tools, formulation techniques and metrics for security framework and cyber security management, focusing on cross and inter-disciplinary research agenda for IT/IS/CS and project management in business organisations against cyber-attacks.

Dr Funminiyi Olajide is a member of the Network Infrastructures & Cyber-Security group and the Intelligent Simulation, Modelling and Networking Research Group (ISMN).

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research towards an MPhil / PhD in the School of Science and Technology exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Doctoral School.

External activity

  • Committee Member, Academic Conferences and Publishing International
  • Committee Member, Infonomics Society
  • Fellow British Computer Society (FBCS-UK)
  • Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA-UK)
  • Member of the British Society of Criminology (MBSC)
  • Associate Member of Forensic Science Society UK (AMFSsoc)
  • Associate Member of the Certified Fraud Examiner UK (AMCFE)
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers UK (MIEEE)
  • Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology UK (MIET)

Press expertise

  • Information Security and Information Systems Management.
  • Digital Forensics, Incidence Response and Event Reconstruction.
  • Cyber Security Management and Educational Awareness of IT|IS Risks, Control & Mitigation in business organisations.
  • Business Information System, Enterprise and Global Business Management.
  • Internet Fraud and Sustainability Techniques.