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RStats short courses

Learn how to use R programming effectively in our continuing professional development (CPD) courses.

What is R?

R is a programming language and computing environment. It's designed specifically for statistics and data analysis. In the last two decades, R has grown to be one of the 10 most popular programming languages in the world.

R has between 10 and 20 million regular users. There are over 18,000 add-on statistics and data science packages available. It's widely and increasingly used throughout academia for both teaching and research.

Outside academia, R is also used in:

  • the internet and tech sector
  • the healthcare sector
  • the financial services industry
  • journalism
  • government
  • the public sector.

R is a dominant tool in any sector of the economy where data analysis plays a vital role. Learning to use R and its most popular packages has become essential in many industries. R users are increasingly sought after.

The benefits of learning R

By learning R or by expanding your current R skillset, you can:

  • become a more effective and efficient data analyst
  • efficiently process and manipulate large and complex data sets
  • produce visualizations to explore patterns in the data
  • perform more sophisticated statistical analyses.

Who can attend an R short course

We offer a four-day in person workshop and workshop-based online continuing professional development (CPD) courses. We've designed them for a wide range of people who want to get more out of their data.

  • are at any stage of their careers, and
  • are seeking to learn R, or
  • wish to advance their R-based computational statistics and data science techniques and skills.

This 4-day in-person course isn't open to book yet, but dates will be confirmed soon. Please contact us to register your interest.