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Research, Research Degrees and Professional Doctorate in Education

Here at the Nottingham Institute of Education, we focus on participatory and collaborative research carried out with the communities and organisations that we serve – schools, colleges, educational settings, businesses, local authorities, government agencies and more.


Our Research

A number of thriving research and development communities are active in the Nottingham Institute of Education, and individual members of staff are engaged in a wide variety of activities. We also have an active research seminar programme with a range of visiting speakers, providing research staff and postgraduate research students with the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas.

Our staff possess a diverse range of research expertise and experience, with a broad and evolving focus on professional and vocationally related issues within an educational context. All of our research is enriched by connections with visiting fellows and professors, and by thriving links with international partners.

Research is seen as an important activity to ensure the vitality and health of academic subjects. It underpins and enriches the teaching that takes place on our undergraduate, postgraduate and professional courses. Our academics are available to provide bespoke training in a wide range of research methods. We work with teachers on the design and delivery of educational-based research projects and can help to develop and secure funding for research proposals. If you are interested in either starting a MRes or PhD programme, bespoke training in a range of research methods or have an opportunity for the Institute to engage in a research activity at your setting, then please do contact us.

The Evaluation-Research Cycle

This management tool is an approach to evaluating a learning setting and/or strategy and determining innovative solutions to drive performance. This approach has been proven to improve outcomes within a variety of learning environments. It will enable a setting to more effectively determine solutions and improvements utilising evaluation and research methods.

This method can either be taught through a CPD session or can be facilitated by one of our leading researchers.

This activity could be utilised as part of a Governance and/or Leadership strategical review to inform an organisational strategy or improvement plan.

It could also be applied to an operational level of working for evaluating learning strategies/processes and identifying results driven solutions. Contact us at for more information.

Research Degrees in Education (MPhil / MRes / PHD)

In education the PhD opens significant possibilities for research and research-based development work in higher education and within a multiplicity of associated institutions. In addition to undertaking further research,

Find out more about our research degrees online.

Professional Doctorate in Education

This programme looks at the interdependence of theory and method across the sector, from a social perspective - taught modules lead up to a dissertation, when students will introduce and illuminate an exciting new area of academic enquiry. NTU’s Professional Doctorate in Education explores the nexus of understanding the world and changing it.

You can find further information about our Professional Doctorate in Education online.