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Laura E - Level 4 Nursing Associate Higher Apprenticeship

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

"Doing an apprenticeship has enabled me to get back into learning without compromising on my earnings. I always wanted to go back to university following completing my original degree but having a young family with bills to pay prevented me from doing so. This was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on.

I have further developed necessary skills and experience to succeed in my chosen career in Nursing. It has allowed me to continue in paid employment alongside studying and expanding my knowledge, ultimately leading to me gaining an extra qualification and attaining the next step in my career ladder. I have also been able to gain insight and guidance from a range of healthcare professionals, alongside lecturers at university, and have felt extremely supported throughout. It has provided an excellent platform for networking and connecting with others who are also passionate about delivering high quality care."

Why did you choose to study at NTU?

"I chose NTU as the course is career focused, enabling me to gain valuable skills and experience in different healthcare settings, alongside receiving quality teaching and support. Nottingham itself is a vibrant city and having previously lived in Nottingham and enjoying being in the city, it seemed like a perfect fit."

How do you believe this apprenticeship will affect both your current job role and future career?

"Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship my confidence, skills and knowledge as a healthcare professional have flourished. Due to the variety of placements and teaching covered over the four areas of Nursing, it has provided me with the opportunity to work across a plethora of healthcare settings and not be limited to one area of Nursing.

In terms of the future, it is the perfect steppingstone to then be able to go on and complete a top up degree should I want to in my chosen nursing field."

Make sure you plan your time effectively and don’t give up. It will all be worth it in the end!

How would you rate the teaching and support staff on this apprenticeship?

"The teaching has been excellent and support fantastic. I have had some personal issues and the course lead particularly has shown empathy and understanding which has meant I can continue with my course."

What do you think of the facilities available at NTU?

"They are excellent, especially the online library resources – being able to work from home is great. The facilities on campus are super too with a wide variety of food and drinks being offered and places to study or socialise with colleagues.

A particular highlight of being in the School of Social Sciences is access to ward environments to help us develop our practical skills."

What skills and experience have you gained as part of this apprenticeship? Has there been anything that you were not expecting?

"I have developed a whole range of practical nursing skills alongside expanding my communication skills, care planning and documentation. I now think about patients holistically and not as a diagnosis or collection of symptoms. What stands out most for me is the confidence the course has instilled in bringing my skills and experience to the fore which I already had and was sometimes reluctant to show."

What advice would you give to someone considering a higher/degree apprenticeship?

"It is a great way to enhance your learning, skills and experience while continuing to earn a wage. The support is fantastic, and any issues can be overcome so long as you are open about them. However, make sure you plan your time effectively and don’t give up. It will all be worth it in the end!"

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