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Health and Allied Professions Building

As a Nursing or Ambulance Technician Practice student at Nottingham Trent University in Mansfield, you will be taught in the cutting-edge multi-million-pound Health and Allied Professions Building throughout your course, learning how to care for patients in realistic high-tech simulated environments.

Mansfield Allied Health Centre 1

If you decide to study a degree in Nursing or an Ambulance Technician Practice course at NTU in Mansfield, your teaching will be fully based within the Health and Allied Professions building, combining the various facilities depending on your course, modules and interests, from the authentic Garvey and Seacole Wards to a mock GP office and clinical prep room.

The Health and Allied Professions Building is well-equipped with a range of facilities and equipment you will be using on a daily basis should you pursue a career in your chosen degree subject.

Garvey Ward

The Garvey Ward is a mock observation ward that currently features four beds of incredibly lifelike mannequins, three of which can be robotically controlled and set using a hand-held device to simulate a range of patient symptoms, illnesses and real-life scenarios you may experience in your role in a hospital.

NTU in Mansfield Seacole Ward

Seacole Ward and virtual reality wall

Split into three areas, the Seacole Ward again features a mock ward comprising two hospital beds of mannequins that students will learn how to perform day to day care on, an area to practice social work skills in domestic settings, and a digital virtual reality wall which provides an immersive learning environment.

The virtual reality wall is an iPad-operated digital projection onto three walls that is fully configurable in real time.

Lecturers can set the wall up with visuals and sounds to create a realistic situation (such as a motorway crash scene, school playing field or train station) for both Ambulance Technician Practice students and Nursing students to learn and practice what to do in a range of imitation circumstances that they could be faced with in the roles they go into during placement work and post-completing their courses.

The virtual reality wall also features a hospital ward simulator programme which can be navigated using a hand-held device.

NTU in Mansfield VR wall

GP consultation room

Covering all bases, the Health and Allied Professions Building also encompasses a GP consultation room.

Nursing stockroom and Ambulance Technician Practice storeroom

Fully kitted out, the Health and Allied Professions Building stockroom and Ambulance Technician Practice storerooms are stocked to the brim with any equipment you could expect to be using in a day to day situation in the role you choose to go into, fully preparing you for working life.

Nurse’s clinical preparation room

The clinical preparation room provides a realistic environment for students to learn how test samples, vaccines and medicines are stored, tested or prepared.

Mansfield Allied Health Centre 2

Teaching spaces

In addition to two classrooms, both wards have teaching areas including usual teaching equipment and mock nurses stations where students can work from.

Cameras are also situated within every room, this is to allow inter-communication between rooms for students observing or working across a range of the facilities.

Health and Allied Professions Building

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