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Mansfield Sport and Exercise Science Laboratory

As a Sport and Exercise Science student at Nottingham Trent University in Mansfield, you'll learn how to use sport and exercise science equipment and apply cutting-edge technologies in our high-tech laboratory throughout your foundation degree.

Mansfield Sport and Exercise Science Lab

The lab is used for practical sessions in the Training and Testing for Sport and Exercise, Performance Analysis, Nutrition for Sport and Health, Training and Physical Activity Interventions for Sport and Health and Sport and Exercise Psychology modules.

The facility is well-equipped with tools including:

  • Physiology and Performance Analysis Equipment such as WattBikes, Monark Peak Bikes, Treadmills, Servomex Gas analysers, Cholesterol Analysers and a Lactate Plus Meter.
  • Biomechanics Equipment such as Kistler Force Plates, Delsys EMG System and Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System.
  • Psychology Equipment such as an eye-tracker system and TOMI Professional Putting System.
Mansfield Sport Lab

Mansfield Sport and Exercise Science Laboratory

  • Category: Learning tools and spaces; Sports and leisure; Science including labs; Teaching facilities
  • Location: NTU in Mansfield