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Mechanical Engineering facilities

Mechanical engineering is an established field that plays a central role in a wide range of industries. It involves the design and manufacture of small components and devices right through to large-scale items and systems.

Our extensive mechanical engineering facilities are based in the Engineering Building on the Clifton Campus. These provide students with hands-on opportunities to develop skills and knowledge and to enable them to turn their ideas into reality.

As part of the School of Science and Technology, our students have access to a diverse range of facilities and equipment including:

  • Mechanics lab including a wind tunnel for students to test the aerodynamics of a wide range of objects and mechanical testers to test and analyse materials under tension and compression.
  • Solid mechanics and dynamics lab where students learn the fundamentals of solid mechanics and dynamics, with a particular focus on the responses of structures to external loads. Practical experiments help students learn about free and forced vibrations, drivetrain efficiency, beam bending and torsion, and impact testing.
  • Fluids lab for students to learn fluid mechanics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. Practical equipment is designed specifically to assist student learning about laminar and turbulent flow, vortices and cavitation, pumps, turbines, nozzles and jets, pressure measurement and fluid power transfer.
  • Fabrication suite and mechanics workshop where students can disassemble pre-existing products or build their own designs. Equipment available includes laser and plasma cutters, milling machines, sandblasting and welding facilities.
  • CAD design suite for students to create their designs.
  • 3D printers
  • Vehicle Lab featuring a large, ventilated booth suitable for both painting and manufacturing using composite materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre. The space is also used by a number of extra-curricular clubs including formula student and our lawn mower racing team.

Mechanical Engineering gallery

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