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Structural Testing Labs

With access to a range of compression and tensile testing machines, up to 100 tonne capacity, you'll be able to undertake a wide range of testing programs. These machines are supplemented by a suite of small scale testing/experimental rigs. All equipment is calibrated to British standard and also includes access to a range of structures based software including Dr Beam, Dr Frame and Prokon.

Students working with structural testing machinery in our Maudslay workshops
Jet Yaw Chong

Structural testing equipment

Using our structural testing equipment, you'll be able to test both destructive and non-destructive) of beams, cubes, cyliders and structures in a variety of materials.

Materials testing equipment

In this space students can test small pieces of materials, e.g. steel, timber, concrete, small structures and models, measuring stiffness, strength, flexibility, stress, strain and density of materials and structures.

Geology equipment

With the geology equipment, rock samples can be examined.