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Amy Crawley


United Kingdom
The facilities are excellent and it really puts it in perspective of how lucky I was to have studied here.

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I went on an open day at Brackenhurst and was completely blown away by the staff who were friendly, the students who were down to earth, happy to be there and honest about the place. The facilities are excellent and it really puts it into perspective how lucky I was to have studied here.

Horse Management is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn everything about horses, it allows you to understand so many aspects of the horse industry. There is a lot to learn about the anatomy and welfare of horses. I really enjoyed the science modules as they gave me an in-depth perspective of the horse and how it moves and works. I also liked equestrian teaching as it was an interesting topic of learning to teach someone to ride, which is a lot harder than it looks!

It took me about three weeks to settle in and felt a bit scary at first, but everyone was so nice and friendly you feel at home instantly. If I were to describe Brackenhurst in three words, I’d say: fun, informative and life changing.

My course tutors were amazing, great people who were down to earth, honest, kind, funny and always there to help. They knew the topics like the back of their hand and were always welcoming.

Brackenhurst has a great community of people, always smiling and happy to talk. I will always remember the friends that I have made here and it’s such a positive environment where people are always hard working and wanting to achieve. It’s a lot of fun and you have an amazing time. Nottingham isn’t far away and you can always go to the Students' Union for a nice time and to hang out with friends.

I did a placement at a racing yard, learned about feeding, exercising and how to manage other people’s horses in a livery yard situation. I hope to build my own business with a livery yard. Everything that I have learned at Brackenhurst is valuable in some degree.

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