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Chloe Tait
I wanted to continue studying at NTU with lecturers who are experts in their field, alongside having access to fantastic facilities and an engaging learning environment.

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Why did you choose to study your course at NTU?

I chose to study both my undergraduate and postgraduate courses at NTU due to the wide range of opportunities available to students, through both the NTSU and the University. I found that the student community, particularly at Brackenhurst, was very friendly and inclusive, and I felt at home from the very beginning.

What made your mind up about studying a PG course at Brackenhurst Campus?

Having had an amazing experience studying at NTU for my BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science, I knew that I wanted to continue studying at NTU with lecturers who are experts in their field, alongside having access to fantastic facilities and an engaging learning environment. Additionally, NTU’s active involvement in research made it the perfect environment full of knowledgeable staff who could help me to reach my potential as a research scientist.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

My favourite aspect of the MRes Equine Health and Welfare course was that it was research-focused and had fewer taught modules. This granted me more time to focus on my research, which was ultimately my main interest, and I enjoyed being given the independence to plan my time and my work. This course also allowed me to challenge myself by stepping up from undergraduate study level. I also enjoyed that the number of students within our course was small, which allowed us to all become friends, enjoy an end of term dinner with our tutors, and create a tight-knit course community

How do you find your modules and what have you most enjoyed studying/ researching?

I really enjoyed my modules and enjoyed the extra push that some of them gave me even when they were a bit more challenging. During my studies, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills, such as carrying out statistical analysis using R-statistics, using behavioural analysis software such as BORIS, and learning about new topics, particularly in my Equine Health module. My favourite module was the research project module, where I was able to work closely with Dr Samuel White, who is an expert in applied immunology. Together we carried out some really interesting research on Mild-Moderate Equine Asthma.

What do you think about the facilities available on your course and what do you use the most?

I think that students have access to some excellent facilities at Brackenhurst Campus, particularly down at the yard, where analysis equipment can easily be booked out for research projects, and the mechanical horse can be used for training or rider analysis studies. I am particularly fond of the laboratory facilities available at Brackenhurst, having completed my undergraduate and postgraduate research projects in them. The laboratory and yard staff in particular are exceptionally helpful when it comes to booking out space or equipment, and they are more than happy to offer guidance and assistance where needed.

What do you think about Brackenhurst Campus? What do you get up to in your spare time?

I think that Brackenhurst is the most beautiful campus at NTU, and you definitely feel close to nature when you are there. The campus provides great facilities such as the Orangery, the canteen in the new Lyth building, and Brack Bar, which is notorious for its ‘Fluid Friday’ events, all of which I enjoy. During the summer, I thoroughly enjoy walking around Southwell and Brackenhurst with my friends, and we are always trying to find new footpaths to explore. In my free time, I also enjoy going to the Southwell Leisure Centre Gym, which is only a 15-minute walk from campus.

Chloe Tait with an NTU horse in a practical riding session
Chloe Tait with an NTU horse in the Mary King arena.

What is your top tip for someone considering studying/ living at Brackenhurst Campus?

I think that my top tip for someone considering studying at Brackenhurst is to get yourself out there during Welcome Week and make the most of the opportunities available. If you enjoy going out, the Welcome Week events are always fantastic and a great way to make friends. On the flip side, if going out isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities available, and I would also recommend joining or starting a society to make friends with similar interests. I would also bring some shoes you don’t mind getting muddy, as it can get quite wet during the winter.

Have you been involved in any placements, work experience or volunteering as part of your course? If so, what did you do and what did you achieve?

Alongside my PG course, I took part in a course run by Employability called the 'Woman’s Development Programme', which aims to help female-identifying students improve their confidence, leadership and resilience skills within the working environment; alongside tackling imposter syndrome and working on personal branding. I would definitely recommend future students to take part in this programme, as I found it very beneficial. I also took on the role of a Student Experience Team Member, which allowed me to be the student voice in course developments or course changes, which was extremely interesting and allowed me to develop my communication skills, specifically with senior members of staff.

Why would you recommend your course to someone considering studying it?

I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering it, especially if you have a passion for research and would potentially consider doing a PhD. The lecturers and tutors within the course are extremely helpful, friendly and happy to assist with any problems you may face during your time at university. Having lecturers that are involved in their own research projects also means that you are being taught the most current knowledge available, which is very interesting and beneficial. Brackenhurst is also such a welcoming and vibrant campus with a strong community feel, which further enhances the university experience available.

What are your plans for after the course and how do you feel your course has/ will help you to achieve that goal?

Luckily I have a role lined up for me as a Laboratory Technician within the Veterinary Teaching Department at a University close to home after finishing this course. This course has provided me with the relevant laboratory skills I need to excel within this role, alongside having taught me important transferable skills such as problem-solving, time management, organisation, and independent working. After working within the industry for a couple of years, I may also potentially continue my research into Mild-Moderate Equine Asthma with Dr Samuel White at NTU, which would be the next step in my academic career.

Any additional comments?

Brackenhurst provides such a different experience from the other campuses at NTU, and you really develop a sense of community, as the campus is smaller, and everyone knows everyone. Lots of events are thrown all year round for students, including Brackenhurst’s legendary ‘Brack Ball’, which is a fantastic end of year event that no other campus holds. Additionally, having access to the Animal Unit and Equine Unit also provides unique opportunities to students as they can take part in animal care volunteering. During my total four years at Brackenhurst, I have loved every minute of it, and I would highly recommend studying here, particularly on the MRes Equine Health and Welfare course if you have a passion for research.

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