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Joel Ireland


United Kingdom
After graduating from NTU, I was lucky enough to secure a twelve-month contract with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

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"I really enjoyed my time on the FdSc Wildlife Conservation course with a sandwich year. Some of my favourite modules during the first year of my course included Animal Behaviour, Practical Conservation Techniques and Principles of Ecology. These modules gave me the skills I needed to complete my sandwich year placement."

"For my sandwich year, I spent nine months volunteering with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. It was a truly amazing time - the experiences that I had and the contacts that I made will last a long time. During my time there, I was able to assist on a wide range of tasks such as the water vole reintroduction to Kielder Forest, the creation of a new native woodland, assisting with red squirrel monitoring and job shadowing a ranger. I would highly recommend this to other students as completing a sandwich year gives you so much valuable experience that will make getting a job so much easier."

"In my final year at university, modules such as Applied Habitat Management, Wildlife Law and Policy and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) gave me a more in-depth knowledge about wildlife conservation in general. The universities facilities are high quality and all the module staff are extremely friendly and helpful. There is also the opportunity to visit places such as Donna Nook and Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire, and Sherwood Forest. These trips enhance your learning as it enables you to see first-hand conservation methods and see great wildlife spectacles."

"After graduating from NTU, I was lucky enough to secure a twelve-month contract with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust. My work will mainly be focused at a nature reserve called East Chevington, as well as the surrounding areas. During this time, I will develop further practical conservation and land management techniques as well as complete a wide range of surveys and engage with the public, with the aim of inspiring them to help nature in this critical time. I will also have the opportunity to gain my chainsaw and brush cutter licenses which will be extremely valuable in the future."  

"Once my internship is complete, I would like to work in the practical conservation sector, in a role such as an assistant warden, as I really enjoy spending time outside - ideally working for a charity such as The Wildlife Trusts or the RSPB. I would also like to lead a wildlife related project. For example, I assisted on a project called ‘Restoring Ratty’, a five-year project to reintroduce water voles to Kielder Forest. Other examples include the white-tailed eagle reintroduction to the Isle of Wight and the pine marten reintroduction to the Forest of Dean."

"My top tip for other students would be get as much volunteering experience as possible, as this is what will be most beneficial when applying for jobs. The conservation sector is extremely competitive and therefore you need something to make yourself stand out, so take every opportunity that you can."

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