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Keri Murrell
For my thesis, I got given the Erasmus + scholarship which gave me the opportunity to go to Brackenhurst in Kenya for 10 weeks.

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“The course content really stood out to me compared to all those out there. In addition to reading the lecturers career pathway, I wanted to learn from them.

“Despite completing this course online during the pandemic, I enjoyed the fact that as a community we still felt close, and the lecturers did everything possible to ensure we are all learnt what we need to.  I loved how the course itself covered all aspects of endangered species recovery and conservation and I felt the course gave many opportunities to demonstrate these skills, even during covid.

“All the lecturers and tutors are so friendly, approachable and are good for a laugh. They do everything they can to help you. They all have different relevant backgrounds.

“Brackenhurst campus is beautiful itself and is a great escape from Nottingham itself. Although, I was only there two weeks I loved the library and the staff there are super helpful!

“Like most postgraduate students, the course is time demanding. But NTU gave me plenty of opportunities to step away from the course and unwind, in the form of societies, gyms and sports clubs. All of which helped me develop confidence as a student, which I know will help in my future career.

“For my thesis, I got given the Erasmus + scholarship which gave me the opportunity to go to Brackenhurst in Kenya for 10 weeks. Here I studied the effects of human acoustics, presence, and habitat type on the distribution of different bird species.

“I want to go forward to study avian biology, whilst at NTU I applied and gained an internship at Durrell Zoo on Jersey working within the bird department. This course is filled with transferable skills, the module descriptions highlight these to you. In addition, attended other courses at NTU including the Women Development Programme and the Employability award.

“Do not just look at the course, look at everything else NTU has to offer you, because there are a lot of opportunities there. Grab hold of every opportunity that NTU throws your way with both hands and enjoy every minute there. I am so grateful for the time I have had at NTU as it has changed me so much as a person.

“To trust myself and my opinions, because they do matter, and people do listen. I can make a difference to someone whether they are human or animal.”

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