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Abdulmalik Badamasuiy


Abdulmalik is an Alumni Fellow for Nottingham Business School

More about Abdulmalik

Abdulmalik is the Deputy Director of The Presidency, BPE-Abuja, Nigeria. He made the decision to study at NTU after researching LLM courses and was inspired to proceed to the PhD programme as he believed it would provide him with the necessary skills to progress to a top position in Nigerian politics.

During his time at NTU, Abdulmalik set up the Nigerian Students Society to cater for the welfare and the future of the Nigerian community in the East Midlands. This was awarded the title 'Best New Society of the Year' by the Students’ Union.

Earlier this year, USAID Nigeria noted Abdulmalik for his continued support in helping to ensure that life-saving commodities and supplies were made available for vulnerable Nigerian citizens. His work helped USAID Nigeria provide anti-retroviral drugs to people living with HIV / AIDS and the distribution of malaria nets for the people of Nigeria.

Abdulmalik was also noted for his assistance in the expedited release of a shipment of solar-powered flashlights at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, ensuring they were made available for Nigerians living in internally displaced camps. He was selected as an Olympic torchbearer in the UK in 2012 and is an Alumni Fellow for Nottingham Business School.

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