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Lucile Vigouroux


United States of America
The course modules offered the well-rounded focus on equine science that I was looking for.

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"I chose to study at NTU because of its reputation and embrace of international students. The course modules offered the well-rounded focus on equine science that I was looking for, as well as the facilities and resources available. I also received a fantastic welcome as a prospective student by the course leader, Dr. Sarah Upton."

"I enjoyed and learned a lot from all my modules. My personal favourite was Equestrian Performance. Since the module leader, Mrs. Alison Northrop, is one of the world’s leading researchers in equine biomechanics in relation to riding surface, the education we received was top-notch."

"The course tutors are attentive, patient and caring. They are dedicated to student success and use engaging teaching styles and strategically apply classroom learning to the real world."

"The facilities are unquestionably exceptional, and I used them extensively. My equestrian performance class had the amazing opportunity to ride a mechanical horse, which is a wonderful – and extremely fun – learning opportunity. I also collected data for my research project using the stables, horses, and a touch screen located on the yard. My research partner and I had full access to these resources every single night, which is a huge advantage when striving to produce high-quality research. The location is also ideal: a peaceful rural setting in close proximity to the city, with easy public transportation access."

"The most valuable thing I have learnt from my course is research skills. I’ve learned everything from experiment design, ethical approval, data collection, statistical analysis, and research paper writing. These are all essential skills for anyone hoping to work in research and/or academia post-graduation."

"I’d recommend NTU because of the outstanding support from module leaders, lecturers, and the yard staff. There is also a real community feel - the best group of friends and flatmates I’ve ever had was at NTU."

"My goal for the near future is to start teaching an equine course at the undergraduate university level. Eventually, I’d love to progress into a full-time, tenured professor of equine studies."

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