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Fan-Weih Yeh
"My tutor was very patient and told me not to limit myself and to enjoy the process, and guided me through what she expected. This has helped me to make a big improvement. I have met a lot of tutors who have helped me during each term, so I am grateful to them."

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Hello Fan-Wei! Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and where you’re from?

Hello, I’m Fan-Wei from Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan, I already have a master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering, which is different from NTU. However, after graduating I did not feel interested in the technology industry, so I learnt new skills and worked in an interior design company for a few years. As I was working in a cross-disciplinary field, I chose to study abroad to refine my skills without a basic academic background.

Why did you decide to study at Nottingham Trent University?

I applied to a total of five universities and was accepted to three of them. I chose NTU for three reasons. Firstly, the content of NTU's MA Interior Architecture and Design (IAD) programme was the most attractive to me. In addition to the interior design area that I was already familiar with, it also added the concept of architecture, and this was challenge I looked forward to. Secondly, the evaluation of NTU is also excellent. I found the resources and the background of the teachers to be very helpful. Finally, the location of NTU, Nottingham is in the midlands of the UK, making it easy to travel to other cities.

Prior to your degree programme, you also studied our Pre-Sessional English course. Please could you tell us about this experience?

Pre-sessional was actually very helpful to me and my agent recommended me to do this course at the beginning. Although the content of the language course is not closely related to my major, I have gained a good understanding of academic English. I think I learnt something that was not included in the IELTS exam. Writing and presenting in an academic way was the most rewarding part of the course.

Please can you tell us about the teaching staff on the MA Interior Architecture & Design course? Have you found their support helpful?

I have loved every tutor I have met on my IAD course and I was very upset at the beginning of the first semester to see how well my classmates were following the course but I was still lagging behind. But my tutor was very patient and told me not to limit myself and to enjoy the process, and guided me through what she expected. This has helped me to make a big improvement. I have met a lot of tutors who have helped me during each term, so I am grateful to them.

As one of our scholarship winners, what advice would you give to students that are considering applying for a scholarship?

I recommend that all students try to apply for a scholarship. There is no need to be afraid that you will not get it, because it will never happen if you don't try. Universities can teach you new things, and your abilities can bring new strengths to the university. Identifying your strengths and having confidence in yourself is something that all students should do if they want to apply for a scholarship.

As an international student from a large city, what it is like studying in the city of Nottingham?

Although Nottingham is not a large city in comparison to London, it has a full range of living facilities. I like the atmosphere in Nottingham, the pace is slower and more comfortable than in Taipei. Although when I first arrived, I was not used to the shops closing early, as there are many 24-hour shops in Taiwan. But it was easy to get used to it in no time.

What are your plans after you graduate and how will your course help you to achieve these goals?

I expect to return to Taiwan after the graduation ceremony. I have learnt a lot about architecture during my course at IAD, which will make a difference to what I look forward to doing in the future. Apart from interior design firms, I will also be applying to some architectural firms. This is because during my studies I was able to understand the deeper meaning of architecture and interior design. I hope that after learning these skills, I can also apply them in the industry and really help a specific group of people through architectural concepts. I hope to work not only in Taiwan, but also in China, Singapore and other places.

What has been your highlight of your time at NTU so far?

I think the biggest highlight of NTU is my classmates. It has been a pleasure to interact with students from different countries and to be on the same course with them. For design students, everyone has their own style and it was interesting to learn about other people's ideas and appreciate their characteristics. I would like to thank all the students for the great memories they have given me at NTU.

Finally, what is the biggest piece of advice you could give to a student that is considering studying at NTU?

From my point of view, NTU is a comprehensive academic and practical university. It is a place where you can learn professional knowledge and gain skills that can be applied in the industry. It may not be one of the biggest cities in the UK, but the university has plenty of resources. From academic guidance to career planning advice, there is a complete service available. The university has a wide range of facilities, including a 24-hour library, NTSU, NTU print and even its own clubs, so there is plenty of entertainment in addition to studying. My only advice is to find out more about the university and its courses' content and choose the one that suits you best.

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